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Best Ways On How To Make Homemade Calamine Lotion


Calamine lotion is one of the most suggested remedies that you can use at home for different kinds of bug bites, sun burn, pimple, acne and an array of other similar purposes. Basically, you can easily get these lotions over the counter but if you have a little bit of time, then all of these can be made at home. You can store this lotion in a jar and then use it as needed.

There are various benefits of making calamine at home and one of them is that it is cost effective. Plus, you are assured that the product you are using is pure and safe, especially from harmful preservatives. It is also good for the environment. Apart from this, it can be used as an-any time beauty treatment, which makes it just perfect for storage. But before we move on to the recipes,here are some basic ingredients for making calamine and how they help.

Here Are Some Basic Ingredients For Homemade Calamine Lotion :

1. Zinc Oxide

Oxide of zinc has been used since ages for protecting the skin and also for healing wounds and the small cuts. It is used in most topical treatments because it aids in quicker healing and is easily available. This forms the base of your home calamine lotion.

Zinc Oxide

2. Bentonite Clay

This is the most common form of clay used in the calamine lotion that aids in detoxifying the skin internally. Bentonite clay is also used in commercial calamine lotions so be assured that the results you will get from these recipes are going to be as good. You can get it at a local soap making store.

Bentonite Clay

3. Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is used as a substitute for Bentonite clay, if you do not have access to the same. It is used in many topical cosmetic recipes because it detoxifies very gently. It doesn’t have an any side effects and is a great option if you don’t get hold of Bentonite clay.

Kaolin Clay

4. Iron Oxide

If you want that pink blush on your calamine, this is the ingredient that you are looking for. It is a mixture of zinc oxide and approximately 0.5% iron oxide. You can use the portion as per the given recipe, but again this really helps in adding to the healing affects of the calamine.

Iron Oxide

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5. Baking Soda

One of the most commonly used ingredients in home remedies is baking soda and it is also used in calamine because it is an effective anti-itching agent. Not only is it cheap and easily available, it also increases the shelf life of the calamine. You will find that readymade calamine has calcium hydroxide or slaked lime, but you can also use baking soda because it has similar properties.

Baking Soda

6. Essential Oils

Remember that if you want to avoid the calamine being too dry and drab, then essential oils are vital. Basically, any essential oil that soothes and heals works very well for calamine lotions made at home. Some of these include camphor, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, basil, etc.

Essential Oils

7. Glycerin

Your skin needs some moisturizing agent too and glycerin is just perfect for it. Again, it is also used in commercial calamities so be assured that you will get skin that is softer and healthier. But if you have very oily skin, then you may also avoid the same.


Recipes For Making Calamine

1. Calamine Using Bentonite Clay

Now this recipe calls for almost all of the above-mentioned ingredients. This is a complete calamine lotion that you can store and use for everyday purposes. For this, you will need about a quarter cup of water along with 4 teaspoons of bentonite clay and baking soda each. To this add about a spoon of essential oils. Again, you can add a little extra if you want. Then add about ½ teaspoon of glycerin to give it that glossy touch. Another ingredient that may be added here would be a spoon of dried fenugreek seeds or paste because it is antibacterial. But you can avoid the same too. Take a small bowl and then mix together the fenugreek paste (if you are using along with the clay and the baking soda. To this mixture, keep adding the water to a consistency that is similar to that of store-bought calamine. Add the essential oils and glycerin when you get a smooth and silky paste. Use a clean glass jar to store the lotion and ensure that it lasts longer.

Calamine Using Bentonite Clay

Remember, we are not using any oxides here so the color of the lotion may be slightly different. But if you want, add a couple of spoons of iron oxide.

2. Calamine Using Sea Salt

For this recipe, you will need about a tablespoon of bentonite clay and equal quantities of the baking soda to it. Similar amount of sea salt is added to this recipe to help it reserve longer and also provide beneficial healing properties against the sun, cuts, wounds, etc. You can add about 15 drops of combined or any particular essential oil to this mixture. Mix together all dry ingredients, then combine with water and the oils to create the right paste. There is no glycerin being used here. Store and use as desired on the affected areas.

Calamine Using Sea Salt

3. Zinc Oxide Calamine Lotion

This recipe is something that gives you the exact results in like store bough calamine. Mix together about ¼ cup of zinc oxide along with about a half spoon of iron oxide. Then add about 4 tea spoons of bentonite clay to it, along with equal amount of baking soda. For this recipe, lavender oil is being used because of its rich antibacterial properties. ¼ cup of water along with about a small spoon of glycerin is needed too. Again, mix together all dry ingredients and then add the wet ones to it. You will love the pink lotion that you get!

Zinc Oxide Calamine Lotion

4. Kaolin Clay Calamine

For those who want a better substitute of bentonite clay, Kaolin is the option. For this, combine about 4 spoons of Kaolin clay with equal amounts of baking soda. Add 1/4 cup zinc oxide to this dry mixture. For the wet ingredients you will need 1/4 cup warm water, 1/2 teaspoon glycerin and few drops of any essential oils that you have.  Again whisk dry ingredients first then add wet ones. Store in a clean jar. Make sure you store it in a cool place for longer life.

Kaolin Clay Calamine



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