Best 3 Natural Ways To Fight Off Bad Breath

Fight Off Bad Breath

Bad breath is very embarrassing and a serious health concern. It can be the result of sluggish bowels, intestinal or stomach problems, throat or sinus infections, tobacco, specific eatables, alcohol or build up of bacteria within the mouth. A deficiency in adequate intestinal flora and improper diet can develop stomach problems that results in bad breath.

bad breath

The best way to get rid of bad breath is by including healthy foods, eliminating constipation and avoiding all refined carbohydrates. For refreshing breath include grains, nuts, seeds, raw fruit or/and vegetables and cooked vegetables in the diet. Refrain from use of liquid offenders like wine, beer, whiskey and coffee that leaves a residue that gets attached to plague, infiltrating the digestive system. It is immensely vital to keep our mouth free from plaque and bacteria, but brushing each time is not possible. There are natural solutions to keep off the bad breath and provide an individual with refreshing breaths.

Natural Ways To Fight Off Bad Breath

Use Raw Fruits, Vegetables And Spices As Nature’s Toothbrushes

For an immediate cleansing of the mouth, snacking on foods like apples, berries, carrots, celery and cinnamon is an easy way of keeping check over growth of bacteria. Moreover, these are fibrous enough to scrub the teeth and serve as best natural toothbrushes that can be used while on the go. Apples are rich in fiber content that encourages saliva formation, whereas celery and carrots provide high moisture content that retains the whistle wet, which in turn supports saliva production. Chewing of cinnamon sticks release essential oils that spreads good odor and also serves as an antibacterial agent.

Raw Fruits & Vegetables

Additionally, one can easily make a homemade cinnamon mouthwash that can be used as refreshing and inexpensive mouth rinse, to fight away bad breath. Use half a tablespoon of cinnamon and put it in a closely fitted jar. Then add juice from 2 freshly squeezed lemons and half a tablespoon of honey into the jar. Now pour one cup of warm water to melt and mix the honey, with juice and cinnamon, and stir properly. Whenever one wishes to freshen up the breath, shake the jar and gargle with 1 to 2 tablespoons of cinnamon mouth rinse for 1 minute.

Antibacterial Water

Make use of vitamin C rich foods like strawberries, kiwis, oranges as vitamin C creates an acidic environment that is hard for survival of bacteria. Vitamin C being water soluble can be easily extracted by mixing these fruits with water. Slice 4 strawberries, 3 kiwis and 2 large oranges in one big jug and then pour 2 liters of fresh water over the sliced fruit mixes.

Antibacterial Water

Cover the jar and refrigerate it overnight in order to allow all vitamins to seep into the liquid. Drink this antibacterial water with breakfast every morning and also have it whenever you need to freshen up your breath. This vitamin C loaded water can stay fine for a week when kept refrigerated.

Lemon Juice Candies

Prepare lemon juice candies right at home using fresh drinking water and half cup of squeezed lemons. Make use of an ice tray and put one tablespoon of lemon juice in each segment of the tray and then cover it fully with water. Stir them a little and allow them to be free zed. Once the ice candies have formed keep them in one clean plastic bag and put back in freezer. Suck one candy or add it into the drinking water to prolong the refreshing flavor, whenever required. This is extremely important for those who produce less amount of saliva due to dry mouth and throat.

Lemon Juice Candies

The sourness of lemon juice and the sucking reflex will initiate saliva flow to mouth and throat. The phosphorous and calcium within our saliva gets absorbed and helps the teeth to ward off bacteria causing bad breath and cavities. Normally, a person produces 3 pints of saliva on daily basis that aids in flow of water and food through mouth and throat. Lesser saliva is the root cause of bad breath. With inadequate saliva, swishing water alone may not be adequate to overcome bad breath and demands use of lemon candies too. Additionally, one can also add a pinch of ground cinnamon as it contains cinnamic aldehyde that is very effective in killing bacteria of the mouth. While using lemon juice, be careful of not using it in very high amounts as then it may erode the tooth enamel rather than safeguarding it.

Lemon juice

Make it a habit to drink adequate amounts of fluoride free drinking water throughout the day to ensure healthy saliva build up. Saliva is loaded with oxygen that makes it tough for these anaerobic (oxygen deficient) bacteria of bad breath to survive. Moreover, the natural enzymes present in saliva enhance production of antibodies that neutralize the bad bacteria which get washed off during swishing with water or mouthwash.



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