7 Great Uses And Benefits Of White Pumpkin For The Skin

benefits of white pumpkin for the skin

White pumpkin contains vitamin A, B 6, C and E. These are extremely good for skin and in addition, pumpkin comprises of 95% water, hence, it can keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. White pumpkin juice can be consumed daily and it can be applied to the face for instant results.

The Benefits And Uses Of White Pumpkin For The Skin Are:

Fades Dark Spots

The vitamins E and T in pumpkin can fight the blemishes, acne spots and improve the skin complexion. Puree some white pumpkin, add lemon juice, honey and few drops of olive oil and apply to the skin. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash off. Pumpkin juice penetrates deep into the skin and clears the skin blemishes for a clear, anti-marks skin.

Fades dark spots


The vitamin B particularly niacin can increase the blood supply to the skin and unclog pores, thus, controlling sebum production and acne. White pumpkin juice can be applied to the acne prone areas and left to dry. Rinse the skin and lightly moisturize. Follow regularly for an acne free skin.


Oily Skin

White pumpkin can be used as a toner to control sebum production and keep the oil levels of the skin balanced. Apply pumpkin juice or mix some apple cider vinegar and use it as a toner to control the excessive oil production in the oily skin.

Oily skin

Dry Skin

Not only can pumpkin juice control sebum but it can also help in moisturizing and hydrating the skin. The fruit enzymes and AHA s in white pumpkin and restore life to dull skin and hydrate it and combat dry skin. Make a paste of yogurt and white pumpkin juice and apply  to the skin for controlling dryness and multiple other skin benefits.

Dry skin

Skin Nourishment

White pumpkin contains vitamins, potassium, fruit enzymes and AHA s that protect the skin from damage, nourishes it, removes pimples and pigmentation and reduces signs of aging. Drink white pumpkin juice and apply it on the face for internal cleansing and outward glow.

Skin nourishment


The antioxidants in white pumpkin and the zinc content can maintain the elasticity of the skin and control the process of ageing by delaying the occurrence of fine lines and sagging skin. Eating a cup of pumpkin seeds daily restores the youthfulness of the skin.


Sun Protection

The vitamin A and C in pumpkin protect the skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun by forming a barrier between the skin and environmental pollutants. The carotenoids  are antioxidants in pumpkin that nourish the skin and protect them from the damage caused by free radicals.

Sun protection


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