Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Turnips

Eating Turnips

Turnips are a very low calorie nutritious root vegetable used in variety of cuisines including Asia, Europe and America. When roots are at their growing stage, they are called baby turnips. Baby turnips are sweeter and often used raw in salads. Flavor and texture changes as the vegetable become mature. This cool season vegetable belongs to Brassicaceae family which also includes Brussels-sprout, cabbage, kale etc. Its scientific name is: Brassica rapa (Rapifera Group). Though most people consume its roots, its top fresh greens are more nutritious and good source of vitamin C, minerals like copper, dietary fiber and antioxidants. Though this root vegetable is easily found in food stores year round but it a seasonal vegetable and is produced in most areas from March to October. Adding turnip in your diet can provide immense health benefits.

Boldsky – Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Turnips



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