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9 Ways To Protect Your Fair Skin From Sun Damage


Exposing the skin to sunlight is not good for the skin. It causes many types of skin problems like spots, lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer. Sunlight also causes faster aging of skin. The UV rays of sunlight are responsible for causing these problems. The skin should be protected from heat and sunlight during summer season. Sun damage occurs in winters also so we need to protect the skin even in cold weather. Fair skin is more prone to damage by sunlight exposure. People who have fair skin need to take special care of their skin. We will give some tips for fair-skinned people. Following are some useful tips on how to protect your fair skin from sun damage.Fair skinned people will definitely benefit by using these remedies

List Of  Ways To Protect Your Fair Skin From Sun Damage

Remain Indoors

Avoid going outdoors when the sun is hottest from ten o clock in the morning to four o clock in the evening. Remain indoors or under a shady area during this time. Use umbrella if there is an urgent need to go outdoors. Schedule your activities for evenings instead of noontime.


Eat Tomato

Apart from using skin products, you can also protect the skin from sun damage by eating foods like tomato that have sun block nutrients in it. Tomato has natural sunscreen properties. Tomato contains lycopene, which helps in preventing sunburn and other problems caused by sun exposure.


Eat Antioxidant Rich Foods

Eat foods that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that protect our skin from the effect of sunlight and heat. Thus, you should eat fruits and veggies that contain antioxidants. You can also get skin benefits by drinking green tea.

Green Tea

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel helps in soothing the skin and preventing problems. Rub the gel on skin. Let it become absorbed properly. Do gentle massage on the skin. After that, apply rose water on skin. dong expose the skin to sunlight for one day when you do this remedy.

aloe vera juice

Use Milk

Milk is a natural remedy for skin. It treats tanning quite well. Add lemon juice to milk. To this, you should mix little amount of turmeric powder. Mix the three ingredients well. Apply on skin with the help of cotton. Wash the skin when the paste has become dry. The skin will become beautiful and healthy.


Use Cucumber

Fair-skinned women can be benefitted by using cucumber face packs. Grate cucumber and keep in refrigerator to cool. Apply grated cucumber on face. Wait for sometime till it becomes dry. Wash the skin after that. It will prevent sun damage.

Cucumber Pack

Use Glycerine

Glycerine is very good for people who have fair skin. Add little amount of lemon juice to it. Mix both ingredients well and apply on skin before sleeping at night. It will help in removing tan from skin. This is an effective remedy for healing sunburn.


Protect The Skin

Protect the fair skin from sunlight by wearing full-sleeved clothes. Wear long pants instead of wearing shorts. Protect your face from sunlight by wearing broad brimmed hat. Wear sunglasses when you go out. Choose sunglasses with UV block.


Avoid Tanning

Don’t let the skin become tanned. It is harmful to do sunbathing on beaches and other open areas. Avoid doing this. Tanning can burn the skin so you should avoid it. Avoid tanning oils and other artificial methods of tanning.

tanning oil


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