9 Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

Heart attack… everyone knows what heart attack is. This is one of the fatal diseases which kill thousands of men and women every year. If you get the treatment on time, your life can be saved. However, if we give proper attention to our body we can save our own life. Not all the heart problems come with clear warning signs. Some symptoms don’t even happen in your chest.

Here Are Few Warning Signs That Our Body Gives Before A Heart Attack:

1. Exhaustion Or Tiredness:

If you suddenly feel tired or exhausted after doing some easy regular chores, which you used to do with ease before then it’s time to consult a doctor. These are the kind of changes your body experience before a heart attack. Extreme tiredness or exhaustion for days can be a warning sign of heart attack.


2. Stomach Pain:

Stomach pain can be caused due to normal digestive problems or many other common reasons which we neglect easily. However, you have to be careful enough as it could be warning signs of heart attack. Stomach pain is a symptom of a heart attack in some people, especially in women. So if you are having a stomach pain along with any other symptoms from this list, call your doctor now.

Stomach Pain

3. Chest Pain:

Chest pain is the main warning sign of heart attack. In case if you feel pressure or pain on your chest, then you are at risk of having a heart attack. The pain usually lasts more than few minutes. If you experience this kind of a pain in your heart, it’s time to call your doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Chest Pain:

4. Dizziness:

You can feel dizzy for many reasons like improper eating habits, sleeplessness, or headaches. However, if suddenly you feel dizzy along with chest pain and breathlessness, call your doctor asap. It could possibly bea warning sign of heart attack.


5. Arm Pain:

Arm pain is another warning sign of heart attack. It is a kind of pain which starts from your chest and spreads towards your arm or left side of your body. If you are feeling this kind of pain, call your doctor immediately.

Arm Pain

6. Snoring:

Most people normally snore in their sleep. It is a very common problem, but if you are snoring in an unusual way which might sound like choking or gasping, you might be at risk of heart attack during your sleep. If you are experiencing this condition, consult a specialist.


7. Bloated Ankles, Legs, and Feet:

If you are having this situation, it’s a sign that your heart is not working properly. It’s not pumping enough blood in the veins which result in this swelling. If you notice any bloating on your feet, ankles and legs consult your doctor now.

 Bloated Ankles, Legs, and Feet

8. Abnormal Heart Beat:

It’s quite normal to skip a heartbeat for few seconds when you are excited or nervous. However, if the situation persists for more than few seconds, call your doctor as it might be a warning sign of heart attack.

Abnormal Heart Beat

9. Jaw Or Throat Pain:

Throat pain by itself is not heart-related. It is generally caused by sinus problem or muscular issue. But if you feel the pain in the centre of your chest and spreading up into your jaw then it could be a sign of heart attack.

Throat Pain

Do not ignore if you experience any of the signs mentioned in the list. Seek medical attention to make sure everything is fine.



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