9 Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Mild forgetfulness is the normal part of the aging. But, if you experience memory problems severely in your daily life, then it could be the signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is the degenerative brain disorder. A person who is suffering from this disorder slowly loses his or her entire memory. A person with Alzheimer’s disease forgets the simple tasks such as combing hair and eating etc. Warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease are explained in this article. If you experience any of the below signs, then you should consult your doctor as immediately as possible.

1. Depending on Family Members:

Forgetting the important dates and asking the same questions, again and again, are the chief warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. These memory problems affect the daily life of a person very badly. The sufferer finally prefers depending on the family members for collecting information for each and everything.

Family Members

2. Difficulty Finishing Daily Chores:

Facing difficulty in finishing the daily chores is one of the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. Persons with memory problems lose the ability to finish the familiar tasks. Performing routine tasks at work, running errands and feeling difficulty in completing chores at home can be noticed in those persons who have memory problems.

 Daily Chores

3. Vision Problems:

The warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease include vision problems as well. The problem with understanding visual information, difficulty in identifying colors, reading or judging distances are the symptoms which can be noticed in those persons who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Vision Problems

4. Problem In Communication:

Often forgetting the words in between the conversation and repeating the parts of the conversation are the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. Calling the things by the wrong names is also one of the warning sign of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Problem In Communication

5. Often Losing Things:

People with memory problems often misplace the things. Are you putting the things in the usual place? The warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease include putting things in the unusual places. Many people put the things in the unusual place and they cannot trace steps for finding the lost object.

Often Losing Things

6. Poor Judgment:

Are you paying attention for the cleanliness? Are you making mistakes with the money? Are you paying less care for yourself? Poor judgment with cleanliness or appearance, money etc is one of the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Poor Judgment

7. Confusion About Place And Time:

If you notice the confusion about place and time, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Do you often forget where you are and how you got there? Are you unable to recollect the day or date of the week? Getting confusion about place and time are the most shocking and horrible signs of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Confusion About Place And Time

8. Changes In Personality And Mood:

Do you easily get depressed, upset, anxious, or scared? Are you feeling suspicious of the people? Are you facing these issues especially when in unfamiliar or new places? These are the changes in personality and mood which are the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Changes In Personality And Mood

9. Withdrawal From Social Activities:

Withdrawing from social activities, hobbies, family gatherings and work projects are also the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. Sleeping more and watching television more than usual are the warning signs of this degenerative disorder.

Social Activities

If you observe these signs, then you should take the medical assistance immediately. It is always better to consult the doctor immediately for enjoying the healthy life. Doctor’s treatment is very helpful in relieving you from the warning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease. By reducing the warning signs, your doctor helps you in making you independent. For this, your doctor evaluates your mental and physical health. He or she looks over the medical history and does the mental status test. Your doctor can also do the brain or blood imaging tests. Then, you doctor refers someone who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease such as psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist or geriatrician.



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