9 Top Monsoon Feet Care Tips

9 Top Monsoon Feet Care Tips

In monsoon we have to take care of our feets, because we all have to go out side of our home in different work purpose. And when we go outside of our home our feets get contact with rain water and the mud of the road. It causes many problems like fungal infections etc. in our feet which is really problematic. Try to maintain some feet care tips in monsoon to get rid of such problems.

9 Top Monsoon Feet Care Tips:

Wear Closed Shoes:

Do your feet get in contact with rain water daily and you are facing problems with that? Try to wear closed shoes in monsoon seasons. It will prevent direct contact of your feet with rain water, dirt and mud of the road. If you have to walk in roads for your work place try to follow this tips because we all know “Prevention is better than cure”.

Wear closed shoes

Clean Your Feet:

If skin of your feet gets contact with mud and rain water try to wash it immediately with plain water if it is possible after you have reached your destination. Try to wear shoes made with washable things thus you can wash it any time when you need it. Try to carry small cotton or disposable paper towels in your bag. After washing your feet wipe the excess water from it other wise you will face fungal or skin problems.

Clean your feet

Soak Your Feet:

After all days works when you reach your home take a tiny foot bath. It will remove all the tiredness of your feet and also cleans your feet. Mix 1-2 tea spoons of shampoo in Luke warm water in a pot. Also add adequate amount of any antiseptic liquid available in market in to the water. Soak your feet in to this solution for 15-20 minutes.

Soak your feet

Take a brush and rub your feet with it. It will remove all the dirt and bacteria from your feet. It also reduces the chance of any infection. Take Luke warm water in a pot and add 1 table spoon of table salt in to it. Soak your feet in to it. If you have tired feet and have pain in feet then it is very much beneficial for you.

Apply Moisturizer:

After washing the feet wipe your feet with a dry cotton towel and apply any light moisturizer or moisturizing foot cream in your feet. It will moisturize your skin and keep it soft. It also prevents the dryness caused by using soap while washing your feet.

Apply moisturizer

Antiperspirant For Feet:

If you wear closed shoes in monsoon don’t forget one thing. Although it is monsoon but there is perspiration in your shoes which will lead into bad odor and fungal infection. Try this tip to avoid it. Just before wearing your shoes apply some boric powder in both of your feet and also into your shoes. It will prevent the problem caused by perspiration.

Antiperspirant for feet

Foot Scrub For Monsoon:

Including with all other remedies you have to apply foot scrub once in a week. When you are applying scrub in your feet try to use Indian lilac in to scrub pack as it is famous for its anti bacterial property. It will be beneficial to use any antibacterial foot scrub to prevent the skin problems related with monsoon season.

Foot scrub for monsoon

Care For Your Nails:

Take care of your nails also. Maintain a good shape of your nails and apply nail polish on it. It will prevent the nail disease as your nails do not get direct contact with the rain water. When you are washing your feet take an old toothbrush to clean the dirt from corner of your nails. If you have already any fungal infections in monsoon don’t waste your time and consult with a dermatologist.

Care for your nails

Regular Pedicure Is A Must:

Take regular pedicure from a good salon once in a fortnight to posses healthy feet in monsoon. But also be very careful about the cleanliness of that salon. You can also do a pedicure in your home with minimal equipments of your own as pedicure sets are easily available in market. Moreover it will save your time.

Regular pedicure is a must

Easily Washable Shoes:

Try to use easily washable shoes in monsoon. You can find these types of shoes in various colors and made with different ingredients as they are very much available in market. You can use shoes made with PVC materials. The main advantage of these types of shoes is you can wash it any time when you have to wash it and again reuse it as it does not take so much time to get dry. So, your feet also get dry quickly in monsoon.

Easily washable shoes


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