9 Splendid Home Remedies For Snoring

Splendid Home Remedies For Snoring

During sleep, the muscle tone in your tongue and soft palate tends to relax. The fleshy piece between the tonsils vibrates when you breathe. This vibration produces harsh and hoarse sounds, which is known as snoring. Vibration is actually caused due to partial obstruction in the airways. And obstruction in the airways can be caused due to various reasons like if nasal passage is swollen due to cold or allergies or you have large tongue or large adenoids. The position of your sleep also affects snoring. For example, lying on your back allows the tongue to fall back towards your throat and block the airways. Older people are more likely to snore because with age muscle tone decreases. In some people, the sound of snoring is loud and unpleasant while in others, it causes soft sound. Though, in most cases, snoring is harmless but it can cause disturbance and displeasure to others. Whatever may be the reasons for snoring, here are nine effective home remedies that can help you get rid of snoring.

9 Splendid Home Remedies For Snoring


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