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9 Home Remedies To Treat Tailbone Pain


If you have habit of sitting for a long time in your office and you do it regularly, you may suffer from tailbone pain. It also occurs during pregnancy period, when a new life lives inside you. Tailbone pain becomes quite irritating and you find many works difficult to do with this pain. Doctors call it coccydynia that refers to pain in coccyx. Some people take medications to deal with this problem, but they can also treat it by using some effective home remedies. These effective home remedies to treat tailbone pain are quite easy to find at home and apply for quick relief from irritating issue.

Here Are The List Of  Home Remedies To Treat Tailbone Pain

Epsom Salt

This home remedy can surely provide you quick relief. To try this you need to take a bath in the bath tub. Add two cups Epsom salt in the bath tub, when it is full of water. Mix the Epsom salt effects and then sit inside the bathtub for at least ten minutes. Epsom has ability to reduce pain occurring in the tailbone and it can effectively shrink the cyst.

Epsom Salt

Levator Ani Massage

Your tailbone pain can be easily terminated by applying Levator Ani massage. You have to take effective pain relief massage oil and do massage in the surrounded area of tailbone. It is how you can preciously reduce the pain and feel better for the work.


Avoid Tight Jeans

You should avoid wearing clothing like tight jeans, when you are suffering from tailbone pain. It increases inflammation and pain of tailbone, which is not good for your health. Wear lose clothes and sleep properly during the night to avoid increment in tailbone pain.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be an efficient cure for infected tailbone. This oil has ability of reducing infection plus increasing the healing process. You can apply tea tree oil as massage oil over an infected region and wear loose clothes to speed up healing process. It works and preciously reduces pain.

Tea Tree Oil

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Use Special Cushions For Sitting

Dealing with tailbone pain can be daunting and irritating. Sitting and sleeping also becomes quite difficult with this pain that’s why special cushions are available for you. These cushions offer effective relief in sitting and thus you can complete your work without getting worried about tailbone pain.



Muscle strain is quite common during tailbone pain. This condition may turn into a very painful condition and it is quite important to relax muscles. You can do it by walking. Regularly walk, at least for ten minutes because it unblocks strained muscles. Walking can also help you in fixing tailbone’s displacement.



Famous as an efficient antibiotic ingredient, turmeric can also help you with healing tailbone pain. It prevents you from suffering from swelling around the tailbone. You should drink one-glass milk with turmeric daily. It is the cheapest way of reducing pain and avoiding infection.


Change In Sleeping Position

You need to prevent pressure on tailbone, which can be a little bit difficult during sleep. You should sleep on the stomach because thus you can easily prevent your tailbone from pressure. Some people prefer to sleep inside pose, but it is not a way of reducing tailbone pain.



Tailbone pain may come with infection around the tailbone. You should apply slaked lime with turmeric powder to treat it. Prepare a paste of slaked lime with turmeric and water and then apply it over the tailbone, you will get relief from the pain.




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