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9 Home Remedies To Stop Nail Biting

Human beings are in habit of many unwanted things that should be avoided at any cost. The habit of nail biting is a very deadly kind of problem that can lead to various negative results. It starts from normal nail biting and becomes worse with passage of time. It is mainly done as a result of frustration, stress and loneliness. Anxiety is the common reason for biting the nails. This bad habit affects the growth of nail and hence should be avoided. The cuticles that are surrounding the nails are affected by biting the nails. Home remedies will be perfect to get rid of such problems and avoid the further occurrence of the problem.

9 Home Remedies To Stop Nail Biting

1. Garlic

Garlic is easily found in kitchen that can be used to treat the bad habit of nail biting. The extra ordinary taste of garlic will change the mood the person and thus can cure the issue. Take one garlic clove and break it into two pieces. Rub it properly on the nails. It will help in nail growth and will also avoid the habit of nail biting.


2. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is really very much bitter in taste. Few people do not like the bitter taste of it. This is an advantage to be used to cure nail biting habit. Take one bitter gourd and extract the juice from it. Apply the juice on the nails. Allow it to dry for some time. The bitter taste will avoid the situation of biting the nails. Repeat doing this process till the habit it totally removed.

Bitter Gourd

3. Nail Polish

Few nail polishes contain chemicals that provide bitter or different taste. Use one such nail polish to cover your nails and protect it from regular nail biting. Applying this polish will not only help to maintain the beauty of the nails, but will also help to cure the problem of biting the nails. Thus take care to use these polish before you bite you nails.



4. Nail Trimming

This is a very common type of process that includes trimming the nails in order to avoid nail biting. Regular trimming the nails will not allow the nails to properly grow and thus the habit of biting the nails will also vanish. Keep a nail trimmer with you. Make sure to trim down the nail regularly. Keep doing this process till the habit it cured permanently.

Nail trimming

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5. Acrylic Nails

Women mostly used an acrylic form of nails on the original one in order to enhance the beauty. It looks really superb to wear the acrylic nails. Take these nails out from the dressing table and apply it on the nails. It will enhance the overall look of the nails and thus de-motivates to bite the nails. It is a very easy process that can provide perfect results.

Acrylic Nails

6. Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape that is used at home for an electrical purpose can be used for saving the nails from the biting habit. It is a very deadly habit that needs a certain period of time to avoid it. Wrap the entire nails in both hands with adhesive tape and leave it as it is. It will slowly help to change the mind from biting the nails. Failure to bite the nails for few times will ultimately cure the problem.

Adhesive Tape

7. Gloves

Hand gloves that are used for various reasons can be used to deal with the problem of nail biting. Winter season gloves are very effective to cover the hand the thus protects the nail from biting habit. Finish off your work at home and then wear these hand gloves for most of the time. It will slowly enable the mind to change the track and get rid of biting the nails.


8. Bandages

Bandages that are present at home for first aid purpose can be utilized to cure the problem. It is very easy and cheap process to get rid of biting the nail. Wrap the bandage on each nail properly so that the nails are not properly exposed. Next time when you got the feeling of biting your nails, these bandages will save the nails. It will also help to avoid the habit after few days.


9. Rubber Hand Cover

Hand cover that is used during cleaning the utensils can be used to treat the problem of nail biting. This hand cover is generally prepared in rubber and is mostly used in kitchen. Cover both the hands with a new pair of rubber gloves for the entire day. Repeat this process daily in order to make a barrier between the nails and teeth. Use these particular cover till the habit is changed.

Rubber hand cover


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