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9 Home Remedies For Split Ends

Split Ends

Split ends are a common kind of problem that affects the hair and harm it. It is actually the process of splitting the end of hair due to various types of reasons. Hairs which are suffering from splitting at the end will soon fall down. The problem of splitting at the end starts when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticles is removed. It is better to cure the problem during initial days; else it will lead to split the entire hair. The best remedy to get rid of split ends is to cut them. There are some home remedies to get rid of splitting ends.

Some Of The Best Home Remedies For Split Ends Are:



Bananas are one of the best solutions to take of hairs that are suffering from splitting at the ends. Bananas are very rich in potassium, vitamins as well as natural oils, which will help to restore moisture and reduce the splitting problem. Take one ripe banana and mash it properly. Use some rose water and yogurt to mix in banana. Apply this on the hair for best results.



Mayonnaise can work perfectly to provide nourishment to the damaged and split hairs. It contains best nutrients to provide soft and shiny look. Wash the hair and dry it with a towel. Apply the mayonnaise directly on the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it properly with water and repeat this process for once a week in order to avoid split ends.

Oil Conditioning

Oil Conditioning

Oil conditioning is a very old and perfect home remedy to get rid of split ends. The oil which is used for conditioning will provide required moisture to hair and thus maintain proper health. Deep conditioning with proper oil must be done regularly in order to get best kinds of results. Take some warm olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on the scalp and hair. Massage it properly and wash it after 1 hour.



Protein is going to help in the condition of split ends. Beer is very rich in protein and hence provides protein to the hair follicles. It thus helps to moisturize the hair and avoid the case of splitting. Wash the hair with mild shampoo. Take some beer and apply it on the hair and scalp. Use a sprayer to do so. Wait for some time and then rinse it properly with water. Repeat it once a week.



Eggs can be used to prepare mask that is very much required for the better conditioning of hair. It contains high protein as well as essential fatty acids. It will make hair smooth and prevent the formation of splitting. Take the egg yolk and whisk it properly. Add some olive oil and honey to it. Mix it well and apply on the hair. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash it with mild shampoo.


Avocado (4)

Avocado is used in home remedies in order to provide conditioning effect. It is very rich source of vitamins, magnesium, protein and various other essential nutrients. It will help to provide smooth hair and prevent splitting. Take one ripe avocado and mash it properly. Add coconut oil and olive oil in it. Apply this to the hair and wash it after 30 minutes.



Honey can be used as a home remedy in the form of conditioner. It will properly moisturize the hair and get rid of split ends. It is also effective in treating the splitting problems associated with hairs. Take some honey and add it into warm water. Wash the hair with mild shampoo and use the honey solution to rinse the hair. Wait for few minutes and then wash the hair.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera can be used to treat the split ends problems taking place in hairs. It mainly can help to moisturize the hair and avoid the splitting ends. Aloe Vera is also found effective to treat hair loss problem. Take the gel from aloe Vera and apply it on the hair and scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it with mild shampoo. Lemon juice can be added to aloe Vera gel.



Papaya also contains proteins that will help to nourish the hair and remove the formation of splitting. It also works well to provide back the natural smoothness and shining to the hair. Take one ripe papaya and blend it properly. Add some yogurt into it and apply it directly on the hair. Wait for around 30 minute and then wash the hair with water. Repeat this process once in a week.



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