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9 Home Remedies For Sensitive Skin

For Sensitive Skin

Many people have the problem of sensitive skin in which there are dryness, redness, bumps, erosions, allergy, itching, eczema, rosacea and other types of skin issues. The main cause of these problems is the effect of environment and weather like too much heat or cold. The skin becomes very sensitive and there is an adverse reaction due to the chemical containing beauty products and makeup. Sun exposure and dehydration further worsens the condition. Home remedies can give a lot of relief in the problem of sensitive skin. We will suggest some easy remedies here.

Following Are The 9 Home Remedies For Sensitive Skin.

1. Use Floral Water

Use floral water for healing sensitive skin. You will need essential oils like chamomile or rose oil for this remedy. Make the floral water by mixing distilled water with any of the above essential oil. Pour the solution in spray bottle. Apply the solution on the skin by spraying.[1]

Use Floral Water

2. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an inexpensive and easily available remedy for the sensitive skin. Apply the oil on the skin. It forms a layer on the upper surface of the skin, which provides protection from dust and sunlight. Use skin care products that contain this oil as an ingredient.[2]

Coconut Oil

3. Use Basil, Clove, Ginger Essential Oils

Use basil oil for fighting the problem of sensitive skin. This is an essential oil. Apply the oil on your skin over the affected areas. Besides this, you can also use other essential oils like the clove and ginger oil for reducing the skin sensitivity.[3]

Use Basil, Clove, Ginger Essential Oils

4. Use Carrot Face Mask

Use a carrot face mask if the skin becomes red due to sensitivity. Make the mask by mixing carrot juice with egg yolks or the yellow part of the egg. To this, you should mix olive oil and honey. Mix well. Apply the paste on the face and neck. Wash the face after twenty minutes with lukewarm water.[4]

Carrot Face Mask

5. Use Thyme, Oregano Essential Oils

Use essential oil of herbs for dealing with skin sensitivity. The best oil for this is the thyme oil. It reduces sensitivity in the skin. Apply the oil on your skin. Use oregano oil for fighting skin irritation.[5]

Use Thyme, Oregano Essential Oils

6. Use Egg Yolk With Mayonnaise

Heal the sensitive skin by using egg yolks with mayonnaise. For this, break an egg and separate its yellow part of yolk. Mix honey, mayonnaise and olive oil with the egg yolk. Apply the mixture on the face. Wash the face after twenty minutes using lukewarm water. The skin will become soft, smooth and moisturized.[6]

Use Egg Yolk With Mayonnaise

7. Use Lettuce Milk

Lettuce milk helps in fighting the problem of skin sensitivity. Make the milk by boiling a few lettuce leaves in water. Continue to boil the water for one minute and then turn off the flame. Leave the water aside and wait till it becomes cold. Strain the water and mix half an amount of milk with it. Apply the liquid on the face. Wash the skin after ten minutes. Use the liquid on the neck also. Make the skin dry.[7]

Use Lettuce Milk

8. Take Milk Bath

Take milk bath for sensitive skin issues. For this, mix powder milk and oatmeal powder with dry ground herbs like chamomile and lavender flowers. Mix lavender essential oil with the above ingredients. Mix this with the bathwater. Take bath with this water. Soak the body in this water in a tub.[8]

Take Milk Bath

9. Use Lavender And Glycerine Toner

Use herbal toner for healing sensitive skin. Make the toner by mixing vegetable glycerine and witch hazel with herbal infused water. Infuse lavender or calendula herb in water to make infused water and mix it with the above ingredients. Use the mixture on the face like a toner. It will help in reducing skin sensitivity.[9]

Use Lavender And Glycerine Toner


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