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9 Home Remedies For Loose Teeth And Bleeding Gums

Loose Teeth And Bleeding Gums

The thought of the loss of teeth can be a nightmare for us. We need the teeth for eating food and so it is an important part of our body. If the teeth have started becoming loose, it is a sign that they might fall soon. There can also be a bleeding in the gums along with this. Both young people and the elderly are at a risk of loose teeth. Gum disease, tooth infection, poor oral hygiene, dental injury and tooth decay causes this problem. Loose teeth are a serious problem in which the tooth base made of bone and tissue becomes damaged leading to tooth fall. Home remedies can give relief in loose teeth and gum problems. We will suggest some remedies for this.

Following Are The 9 Home Remedies For Loose Teeth And Bleeding Gums

1. Brush And Floss The Teeth:

Gum disease can cause pain and bleeding in the gums. For this, improve the oral hygiene. Take care of your teeth and mouth by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. Remove the plaque from the teeth.[1]

Brush And Floss The Teeth

2. Use Salt:

If the gums bleed due to gingivitis inflammation, use salty water to heal the problem. For this, brush and floss the teeth well. After this, use your fingers to do a gum massage. Mix salt with lukewarm water and use the salty solution to wash and rinse the mouth. Take the salt water inside the mouth, swish it around and wash the mouth.[2]


3. Use Ginger:

You can get relief from bleeding gums by using ginger. Take raw ginger and consume it. This home remedy for bleeding gums is used since the ancient times. It will also help in solving the problem of loose teeth as ginger helps in making the loose teeth strong that may stop it from falling.[3]

Use Ginger

4. Use Black Pepper And Turmeric:

Loose teeth problem can be solved by using black pepper and turmeric. For an Ayurvedic home remedy, take black pepper powder and turmeric. The amount of both the things should be the same. Apply the mixture on the gums and rub gently. It will make the gums strong and heal the loose tooth.[4]

Use Black Pepper And Turmeric

5. Use Mustard Oil:

Using mustard oil helps in stopping loose teeth problem caused by increasing age.[5] For this remedy, mix the mustard oil with very less amount of table salt. Apply the mixture on the gums. It will strengthen the gums.

Use Mustard Oil

6. Use Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil gives relief in the problem of bleeding gums. Apply the oil on the gums with the help of cotton or fingers. For this remedy, you should use undiluted pure tea tree oil. Another way to heal bleeding gums is to rinse the mouth with a tea tree mouthwash. Thus, use the tea tree oil and mouthwash for gum problems.[6]

Use Tea Tree Oil

7. Use Pomegranate Flower Powder:

Bleeding gums can be healed with the help of pomegranate flower. For this, dry the pomegranate flower in a shady area.[7] Grind the dry flowers to make a fine powder out of it. Apply the dry pomegranate flower powder on the teeth for stopping the bleeding in the gums.

Use Pomegranate Flower Powder

8. Use Baking Soda:

Baking soda gives relief in bleeding gums caused by gum disease. Brush the teeth with baking soda besides using the toothpaste. Another way of using baking soda is to mix it with lukewarm water. To this, add very little food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Mix well and use the solution like a mouthwash to rinse the mouth.[8]

Use Baking Soda

9. Take Oranges And Gooseberries:

Vitamin C deficiency is the main cause of bleeding gums. The vitamin plays an important role in teeth calcification. Take Vitamin V rich foods for avoiding the bleeding caused by a deficiency of the vitamin. For this, take oranges and gooseberry, which are rich sources of Vitamin C.[9]

Take Oranges And Gooseberries


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