9 Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil


9 Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum essential oil is very beneficial for health as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is extracted from the Helichrysum plant, which is mainly found in the Mediterranean region. It has antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant, antitussive and antioxidant properties. Many types of health problems and diseases can be resolved by using the Helichrysum oil. The oil has medicinal properties and it is used for making traditional medicines. There are many health benefits of using this oil. We will explain some benefits here.

Following Are The 9 Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil:

1. Heals Wounds:

The helichrysum essential oil is an excellent remedy for healing wounds. Mix the oil with a cream and apply it on the wound for a faster healing. It disinfects the wounds and decreases swelling in the affected part. The oil can regenerate new tissues in the wounds thus helping in a faster healing [1].

Heals Wounds

2. Fights Viral And Fungal Infections:

Due to its antiviral effect on the body, the helichrysum essential oil can help in fighting a cold, wart and other diseases caused by viruses. The oil also has antifungal properties and it kills fungi in the body. Due to this, it is useful for fighting fungal infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm. The oil can heal fungal infections in the nails and scalp [2].

 Fights Viral And Fungal Infections

3. Blood Circulation, Neve Tingling, Hypertension, Varicose Veins:

Blood circulation in the body can be improved by using the helichrysum essential oil. The oil has calming nature and it can reduce numbness and tingling caused by nerve related disorders. Helichrysum oil also helps in fighting high blood pressure and varicose veins problems [3].

Blood Circulation, Neve Tingling, Hypertension, Varicose Veins

4. Heals Respiratory Problems:

The helichrysum essential oil is useful for respiratory problems. It helps in fighting asthma and bronchitis. It can also reduce the problem of allergies and whooping cough. The vapors of this oil help in opening the blocked sinuses and breathing passages. Herbalists in the olden times used the oil for respiratory disorders [4].

Heals Respiratory Problems

5. Heals Hemorrhoids:

Pain and inflammation due to hemorrhoids can be reduced by using helichrysum essential oil. Mix three drops of this oil with an equal amount of lavender essential oil. Add the oil mixture with the warm bath water. Soak the body in this bath water and allow the water temperature to reduce to room temperature [5].

Heals Hemorrhoids

6. Fights Liver Diseases:

The helichrysum essential oil helps in healing liver diseases. It is useful for detoxifying the liver and healing it. It cleanses the liver very well. It improves the liver cell function and stimulates its functioning [6].

Fights Liver Diseases

7. Reduces Body Pain And Headaches:

Body pain due to sprain and bruises can be reduced by using helichrysum essential oil. It can also heal the pain of burns and broken bones. The oil has analgesic properties, which helps in decreasing pain. It reduces joint pain and body pain due to arthritis. Headaches can be reduced by using the helichrysum essential oil [7].

Reduces Body Pain And Headaches

8. Fights Stress, Tension, And Exhaustion:

The helichrysum essential oil helps in relaxing the mind and reducing stress. It uplifts and improves the mood while reducing tension and exhaustion. The oil helps in improving mental clarity. With a europhic effect on the mind, helichrysum oil can improve the alertness of a person. It heals emotional wounds and curbs negativity [8].

9. Fights Skin Diseases:

Skin disorders can be healed with the help of helichrysum essential oil. It heals boils and abscesses in the skin. The use of this oil helps in fighting eczema and psoriasis. It can also heal acne, bruises, skin irritation, blemishes, scars, dermatitis, stretch marks and skin eruptions. Skin creams and lotions contain helichrysum oil as an ingredient. It is also used for making toners and mud masks that heal skin problems. The oil stops free radical damage in the skin due to its antioxidant properties and it can fight premature aging of the skin [9].

Fights Skin Diseases





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