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9 Best Home Remedies For Ear Infection


Ear is considered as a very important kind of sense organ that must be maintained with proper care and attention. It can also suffer from various types of infections. Ear infection is a very common term associated with ear. Very few people are known about this problem as it can only be detected by its symptoms. The problem of ear infection can thus be cured by some of the best medications. A small infection in the middle ear can cause severe pain and discomfort. It can lead to symptoms such as fever, problem in sleeping, fussiness and fluid drainage from ear. Apply some home remedies for this problem as they are safe and they can also provide perfect results without miss.

Here Are The List Of Best Home Remedies For Ear Infection

Heating Pad

Heating pad or hot water bottle can be used to cure any sort of ear infection. It is the best remedy to provide instant results to the ear. Heat a pad and apply on the outer part of the ear for some time. You can also use one warm water bottle to apply it on the ear. Continuous repeating this idea can surely provide perfect type of results.

heating pad


Garlic has anti bacterial as well as anti fungal properties in it. Application of garlic in various forms can cure the problem and get rid of all kinds of infections. Crush some garlic cloves and extract the juice from it. Pour some of this juice into the ear and get rid of the infection. Boil some of these cloves in water and use this solution on the ear.



Onions can also become the best type of home remedy to cure the problem of ear infection. It has rich source of properties that will handle the case and will cure the infection. Take some onions and take out the juice from it. Use this onion juice in the infected ear. Repeat this method in order to get best kinds of results. Make sure to drain the juice out from the ear.



Salt is also used as the best type of remedy to handle the case of ear infection. Heat some of the sea salt on pan. Wrap this hot salt in a clean cloth and apply the heat on the ear. Keep the cloth on the ear for few minutes. Continuing this method will help to get best types of results. It is a very easy as well as perfect process to get desired results.


Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are used as the best ingredient in home remedies to cure the problem of ear infection. Use some fresh basil leaves to extract the juice from it. Pour this juice in the infected ear to cure the infection. Basil leaves are very antiseptic in properties. They can easily cure any sort of infection. Coconut oil can be mixed with basil leaves to prepare a good solution.

Basil Leaves

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used to clear any kind of ear infection. It is actually perfect to clear off all sorts of fungal infections from the ear. Dilute some apple cider vinegar by adding water to it. Soak one clean cotton ball in this diluted solution and put this cotton in the ear for few minutes. Repeat the process in order to cure the problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Olive Oil

Olive oil has rich source of medicinal properties to deal with ear infections. Infection can be due to various types of agents in the skin. Waxes that are deposited in the ear are the main reason behind the formation of infections. Take some olive oil and warm it slightly. Now use this warm olive oil in the infected ear. It will soften the dry wax in the ear and remove it perfectly.

olive oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil can also become the main solution to get rid of all kinds of ear infection. Warm castor oil can be easily poured into the ear. It will cure the infection and will also avoid the further formation of infections in the ear. Make sure to clean the ear with an ear bud after pouring some castor oil into the ear. It will remove wax and other particles.

Castor oil

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are also used as one type of home remedy to handle the case of ear infection. A wide range of ear infections are due to the presence of microorganisms in the ear. Collect some fenugreek seeds from kitchen and use it perfectly to avoid infection in the ear. Warm some of these seeds with coconut oil or sesame oil. Strain the liquid and pour it in the ear for some time.



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