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9 Best Herbs to Treat and Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes – chiefly Type 2 diabetes – has become one of the biggest threats to mankind in today’s world. Lack of regular exercise, junk food and increasing stress levels are taking a toll on people. Type 2 diabetes can be effectively controlled by maintaining a healthy eating and exercise regime though genetic factors and aging do play a significant role in how the disease progresses. As the standard treatment for diabetes pose serious side effects when used for a longer term, more and more people have resorted to natural alternatives such as herbs. Herbs such as Gymnema Sylvestre, Fenugreek, Bilberry, Ginseng, etc. control blood glucose levels in the body and check diabetes’ progression. They also prevent serious ailments such as ishemic heart disease, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, etc. that diabetes pose. The below mentioned article mentions some of the best herbs to cure and prevent diabetes.

Superherbalfoods – 9 Best Herbs to Treat and Prevent Diabetes



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