9 Best Foods To Include In Your Diet To Control Hair Fall

Foods To Include In Your Diet To Control Hair Fall

Healthy and Balanced diet is an important part of Healthy Lifestyle. Apart from our immune system it also helps to keep our hair, skin and nails healthy. We always try to use topical remedies to keep our skin and hair healthy but an internal nourishment is equally important. By including some of the nutrition rich food products in your diet you can definitely improve the texture of your hair and skin. When we talk about hair, Hair fall is the major issue faced by most of us. We rely on hair oils, hair masks and shampoos to take care of it. But along with these products you can add some of the food products which would help to control the hair fall. We have brought a list of food products which are beneficial to control the hair loss.

1. Meat:

Try including a Lean meat in your diet. It is enriched with high amount of proteins which are very essential to build the healthy hair fibers and prevent breakage. All of you must be aware that our hair is made of up keratin which is a kind of a protein. Hence regular consumption of lean meat would helps to fulfill the protein requirement to get you the healthy and stronger hair.


2. Egg:

Another protein rich food product you should include in the platter. Eggs are loaded with High protein, Biotin, zinc, iron and other minerals. Hence no doubt it is a great for healthy hair. If you wish for longer, stronger and healthy hair then egg is the best food product for you. You can also use the egg yolk as a hair mask to get softer and smoother hair.


3. Yogurt:

Do you love yogurt ? Then there is another reason to love it. Yogurt is rich in vitamin D, vitamin B, Proteins and other nutrients which helps to give you healthy hair follicles. These nutrients stimulates the blood flow under the scalp and promote the healthy hair growth. Like egg you can also use yogurt as a hair mask for beautiful hair.


4. Lentils:

Love to indulge on rice and Lentils in your lunch & dinner? Time to add it more in your diet. Lentils are power house of proteins, iron, vitamin B and zinc which are very essential to keep the scalp healthy and accelerate the hair growth.


5. Spinach:

Here is another reason to love your green smoothies. Spinach is also beneficial to control the hair fall up to good extent. It contains high level of anti oxidants, Vitamin A, Calcium, Magnesium, Proteins and omega fatty acids. If you are facing a hair fall due to iron deficiency then add more spinach to your diet.


6. Carrot:

Most of us love to sip the Fresh carrot juice in the breakfast. Its beta carotene which is a form of Vitamin A which helps to take care of dry skin as well as dry scalp. The Vitamin A content helps to moisturize the dry scalp and keep it healthy. Healthy scalp results into healthy hair.


7. Oats:

Who loves to eat oats porridge in the breakfast? It is the tastiest and healthiest way to kick start our day. Apart from giving a much needed energy it also helps you to get healthy locks. You must be aware that oats contain fibers, iron, omega fatty acids and zinc which helps to get you healthier scalp and stronger hair.


8. Fish:

You must have noticed people popping the fish oil capsules. Fish oil is known to be very beneficial for skin, hair and good eye sight. Then why not to include fish in your diet ? Fish contains healthy fats that are extremely essential to get the natural omega 3 fatty acids to our hair.


10. Walnuts:

Add in in your smoothies, desserts or just simply munch on it. Walnuts holds Proteins, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin E , Magnesium and nourishing oils. These components help to nourish the scalp naturally and repair the damaged hair follicles.




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