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9 Antioxidant Face Masks For Aging Skin

9 Antioxidant Face Masks For Aging Skin


We become wise with age as we become older. However, many of us don’t like the problems that occur with age. The skin looks very youthful and beautiful when we are young but it undergoes damage with age. The skin loses its youth and beauty with time affecting our looks and personality. It is possible to fight this problem by using antioxidant face masks made with natural ingredients. It will help in avoiding and delaying the aging of the skin and it will make you look young. There are many face masks that help in healing the aging skin. We will suggest some easy face masks for this purpose.

Following Are The 9 Antioxidant Face Masks For Aging Skin:

1. Use Green Tea And Essential Oil Face Mask:

A green tea and essential oil face mask are excellent for the skin. Make the mask by mixing the liquid of steeped jasmine green tea with honey and orange essential oil. Apply the paste on the skin. Wash the face after some time. Use the mask on the neck too. [1]

Use Green Tea And Essential Oil Face Mask

2. Use Blueberry Face Mask:

Make an antioxidant-rich face mask with blueberries. Mix blueberries with whole oats and honey. To this, add almond and whole milk. Make a puree of these ingredients in a food processor. Apply the paste on the face. Massage the skin and wash the face after twenty minutes. Apply toner. Do this once a week. [2]

Use Blueberry Face Mask

3. Use Cocoa Face Mask:

A cocoa face mask made with avocado and green tea helps in making the skin smooth, shiny and nourished. Mix raw unsweetened cocoa powder with avocado, green tea liquid, honey, and oatmeal. Apply the paste on the skin. Exfoliate the skin by doing a gentle massage. Wait for twenty minutes. Wash the face using lukewarm water. [3]

Use Cocoa Face Mask

4. Use Yogurt And Sandalwood Face Mask:

Yogurt and sandalwood help in brightening and lightening the skin color and aid in anti-aging. Mix yogurt with an equal amount of lemon juice and sandalwood powder. Apply the paste on the skin. Wait till the mask becomes dry. After that, wash the face. The skin becomes moisturized and light in color. [4]

Use Yogurt And Sandalwood Face Mask

5. Use Egg And Banana Face Mask:

Egg and banana help in anti-aging of skin. Mix ripe and mashed banana with honey and egg white. Mix all the things using a blender. Apply the mixture on the face like a mask. Wash the skin after some time. It will moisturize the skin and delay the signs of aging. [5]

Use Egg And Banana Face Mask

6. Use Aloe Vera Face Mask:

Make a hydrating face mask with aloe vera and yogurt. For this, take Greek yogurt and aloe vera gel. Mix chopped pieces of cucumber. Remove the seeds from cucumber and then use it. add lemon juice to it. Make a puree of these ingredients by grinding in a food processor. Strain the puree. Apply on the face. Wash the skin after half an hour. Apply toner on the skin. [6]

Use Aloe Vera Face Mask

7. Use Avocado Face Mask:

A face mask made with avocado and honey helps in anti-aging of the skin. Take half ripe and mashed avocado. Mix one tablespoon of warm honey with it. Apply the paste on the face for minimum fifteen minutes. Wash the skin. Avocado contains Vitamin E, which improves the skin texture. Honey helps in moisturizing the skin. [7]

Use Avocado Face Mask

8. Use Basil Face Mask:

Make an anti-aging mask with basil. For this, take the paste of crushed basil leaves. Mix coconut milk with it. Apply on the face. Rinse the face with lukewarm water after five minutes. Basil has antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which helps in healing the skin. [8]

Use Basil Face Mask

9. Use Blackberry Face Mask:

An antioxidant-rich face mask made with blackberry helps in anti-aging of skin. Grind blackberries and walnuts with very little water using a food processor to get a smooth paste. Apply on the face with a massaging movement. Scrub the skin. Wash the skin after some time. Use a cleanser. After that, apply toner on the face. [9]

Use Blackberry Face Mask


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