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9 Amazing Home Remedies And Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Sunspots


Summer season brings a lot of worries with it. Exposing the skin to excess amount of sunlight will lead to formation of tan on the skin. Tanning is sometime better for skin, but excess tanning can lead to serious skin problems. The sun tanned skin cannot be easily cured by using general processes. The harmful rays of sun will make dark patches on the skin that can only be removed by effective home remedies. Women who are more cautious about the formation of tan must take care of some best rules. Applying the best home remedies along with avoiding sunlight will help to permanently remove tan from the skin.

Amazing Home Remedies And Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Sunspots

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is citrus in nature. The citric acid present in it is going to remove the tan in a specific period of time. Lemon juice is good for skin. All the tanned areas on the skin can be cured by this juice. Apply some pure form of lemon juice on the affected skin and massage it gently. Repeating this process for few weeks will definitely provide best results.


Juice Pack

A best kind of juice pack can be prepared by using natural things at home. This face pack is generally prepared by adding lemon juice, cucumber juice and rose water. All these ingredients used best for skin health. Thus, it will help the skin to retain water content and remove extra melanin from it. Apply this mask for some time and wash it after a period of 20 minutes.


Gram Flour With Turmeric

Turmeric is best for skin as it can help to remove all kinds of infections. It will also maintain skin tone. Grind some turmeric to extract powder from it. Add this powder to gram flour. Mix little amount of rose water and make a good paste of it. Milk can also be added to it. Apply this mask on the skin and wait till it becomes dry. Wash it with normal water.


Aloe Gel With Red Lentil

Another best kind of face pack can be prepared by mixing aloe Vera gel and red lentils. Red lentils are generally used for cooking. Mix powder form of red lentils and tomato puree. Add the aloe gel in it and mix it well. Apply it on the sun tanned skin and allow the solution to dry. Wash it with clean water. This solution will help to rejuvenate the skin and remove tan.


Papaya With Honey

Papaya pulp works great for healing the skin and provides nutrients to it. Honey is used to add moisture to skin and heal it from sun tan. Mixing both honey and papaya is going to provide best face pack to get rid of sun tanned skin. Mash some ripe papaya and add honey to it. Mix it well and apply this pack on the skin. Wash it after some time to remove the pack.


Oatmeal And Buttermilk

Oatmeal as usual is used to provide soothing effect to skin that is required after sun tan. A solution made by mixing oatmeal along with buttermilk will help to cure sun tanned skin. Add powdered form of oatmeal into buttermilk and make a fine paste. Apply this paste directly on the tan area. Allow it to dry and then clean it with cold water.


Tomato With Yogurt

Tomato along with yogurt can provide a solution to help the skin in removing tan marks. Tan marks are generally dark patches formed due to UV light. Mash one ripe tomato and mix yogurt in it. Massage the affected skin areas with this solution. Dry it for some time and then wash it. This works as bleaching agent to clear off the tan.


Milk With Strawberry

Milk has cream that will add moisture to skin. Strawberries are rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants to provide natural care to skin. Mix some ripe mashed strawberries with milk and make paste of it. Apply this paste on the tan affected skin. Keep the paste on the skin for 30 minutes and then wash it with water. Repeat this method till the tan totally vanishes.



Sandalwood is a very unique type of home remedy that will surely provide perfect results. People suffering from sun tanned skin can apply sandalwood paste on their skin to get best results. Mix some rose water in sandalwood powder and make paste of it. Apply this paste on the tanned skin. It will help to remove the tan and provide cooling effect to the skin.

Sandalwood powder


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