9 Amazing Health Benefits And Nutritional Value Of Fava Beans

Nutritional Value Of Fava Beans

Do you know Fava beans are really beneficial for your health? And you can consume Fava beans without any worries about gaining weight. It contains plenty of soluble fibers and a great source of protein which provides nutritional value to your body. You can enjoy various health benefits with Fava bean delicacies and it is free from saturated fats as well. I am sure you can’t wait any longer to find all the benefits of Fava beans. Read the article below to find out.

1. Full Of Nutrients:

Fava beans are a great source of nutrients. It is a mixture of minerals and vitamins which also includes potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is essential for your central nervous system while copper works for your body’s immunity and keeps your bones and bloodstream healthy and balanced. Phosphorus and magnesium help in regulating the blood pressure levels and maintains bone health. Daily intake of a ¼ cup of Fava beans is recommended. [1]


2. Healthy Heart:

According to studies, Fava beans keep your heart healthy by controlling the cholesterol and blood sugar level. It also lowers the level of bad cholesterol and hence protects your heart. Take one cup of Fava beans every day. [2]


3. Great Source Of Manganese And Folate:

Fava beans are rich in manganese and folate. While manganese is required for carbohydrate and protein metabolism, folate works for your immunity, heart health, and keeps your red blood cells healthy. [3]

Manganese And Folate

4. Helps In Weight Loss: 

Fava beans are high in protein and fibers which help in faster weight loss. People who are on low-carb diet rather than low-fat diet tend to lose weight faster. Take one cup of Fava beans and get 40gms of protein every day. [4]

Weight Loss

5. Rich In Vitamin C:

Fava beans are rich in vitamin C which works as a powerful antioxidant. It keeps you free from radicals and reduces the chance of oxidative damages like weak immunity system, different types of cancers, and few early aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. If you take 100gms of raw Fava beans it will give you 1.4 mg of vitamin C. [5]

Vitamin C

6. Fights Depression:

Packed Fava beans help you in fighting depression with its amino acid agents. It improves your frequent mood swings that eliminate depressive conditions. [6]


7. Treats Parkinson’s Disease:

According to reports Fava beans contain the same chemical named levodopa, which is used in the drugs for treating Parkinson’s. However, the amount of levodopa might vary depending on the type of Fava beans. You will roughly get 50 to 100 mg of levodopa from three ounces of Fava beans. Parkinson’s patients need to have four ounces of Fava beans every day in order to combat the disease. [7]

Parkinson's Disease

8. Beneficial For Pregnant Women:

If you are pregnant include Fava beans in your daily diet today. It is rich in iron and calcium, which is a necessity for pregnant women. The soluble fibers in Fava beans help in keeping constipation at bay during pregnancy. It also provides sufficient energy to your body and you won’t feel hungry for a longer period. [8]

Pregnant Women

9. Decreases Hunger Pangs:

Fava beans are full of fiber and protein which helps you feel fuller for longer times. It is safe to eat because a ½ cup boiled Fava beans give only 95 calories to your body, which is very low compared to other food items. [9]

Hunger Pangs

Add Fava beans in your regular diet and enjoy its amazing benefits.



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