8 Wonderful Ways To Get Rid Of Exercise Induced Acne

Undoubtedly, exercise is very helpful in offering you fitness and various health benefits. It keeps you in normal weight, helps to maintain the proper levels of blood sugar and plays a pivotal role in improving your mood. But the bad news for exercise lovers is that it has a temporary negative reaction on the skin. Exercise can ruin your skin texture. You need to take care of your skin properly once you finished your gym session. Otherwise, you will end up with exercise induced acne. This type of acne can be noticed at the back area, neck, face and chest. This type of acne can appear on the other skin parts which are full of sweat. Today, In This Article, We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Exercise-induced Acne

Here Are 8 Wonderful Ways To Get Rid Of Exercise Induced Acne

1. Use A Clean Towel

Use a clean towel for clearing the sweat from your skin while exercising. But you should be very careful in using a towel as its improper use can spread bacteria. Do not vigorously rub your skin which is full of sweat with a towel. Just, gently pat your skin with the towel. This helps in keeping the acne breakout and inflammation at bay.


2. Remove The Makeup

Do not apply makeup before the session of exercise. This is because makeup contains ingredients which can clog your pores. Clogged pores may result in various skin problems. Hence, you are required to remove the makeup for avoiding such skin problems.

Remove The Makeup

3. Cleanse Your Skin After Workout

Once you finish the workout, you are required to take shower immediately for getting rid of the oil and sweat. Then, apply some gentle cleansers to cleanse the forehead, hairline area, and chin while you are taking a shower. If you do not find time for taking shower after your workout, then change the sweaty clothes. Also, make use of refreshing face wipes to cleanse the acne prone skin.

Cleanse Your Skin After Workout

4. Do Not Touch The Face

One of the best possible ways for getting rid of exercise-induced acne is not touching the face while exercising. This is because, when you are exercising, your hands can be covered with full of bacteria and germs. Therefore, avoid touching your facial skin or other parts of the body when you are exercising. This helps in avoiding the acne and infections.

Do Not Touch The Face

5. Change The Workout Clothes

Using the same clothes again and again for the workouts can result in the bacteria growth on your skin. This results in the formation of acne on the skin. To prevent this problem, you need to use fresh and clean clothes for workouts.

Change The Workout Clothes

6. Clean The Workout Accessories

The accessories such as knee pads and wrist straps and must be kept cleaned. You should also use fresh and clean socks for the exercise. Not cleaning these accessories can result in spreading the bacteria and oil at a fast pace which might result in worsening your acne.

Clean The Workout Accessories

7. Keep Your Hair Off From Your Face

Always keep your hair away from the face when exercising. You should follow this tip even after your exercise as well. Oils can clog the pores which can further result in acne and breakouts. This can be avoided by keeping the hair from the face. Tie the hair with the help of a scarf before beginning the workout. In this way, you can get rid of exercise-induced acne.

Keep Your Hair Off From Your Face

8. Moisturize The Skin

Exercise removes the natural oils and moisture from the skin. It is very essential to replenish them. For this, you are required to apply a moisturizer. If you are exercising outdoors, you need to apply a moisturizer which is full of anti-oxidant ingredients. It plays an important role in repairing your damaged skin that is caused by environmental pollutants and UV exposure. To your facial skin, you should apply a high quality moisturizer which is packed with vitamins such as A and E.

Moisturize The Skin


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