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8 Useful Home Remedies For Welders Flash


Welders flash is a very serious problem that affects the health of the eyes. A lot of people suffer from the problem of welders flash because of carelessness and not following a proper eye care regime. The problem of welders flash in caused to the over exposure of the eyes to the harmful ultra violet rays that causes flashes in the eyes. Not only this, the problem causes lot of pain and discomfort in the eyes and also compromise with the clear vision. The common symptoms are pain, vision problems, flashes, inflammation and irritation in the eyes. It is very important to take utmost care of the eyes if you are suffering from welders flash.

Here Are The Most Effective And Simple Home Remedies To Get Relief From The Welders Flash

Cold Compress

Cold compress is very effective in providing relief to the painful eyes. The cooling nature of the compress reduces the inflammation in the eyes and treats the pain as well. It is therefore advised to apply cold compress on your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes and repeat the remedy after short intervals to get effective results.

cold compress

Banana Pulp

Banana pulp is very useful in treating the problem of welders flash in eyes. The banana pulp contains vitamin B12 that helps in treating the dryness in eyes and prevents the situation from getting worse. Take some banana pulp and apply over your eyes to get relief from the problem.


Potato Slice

Potato slice also contain useful minerals that helps in protecting your eyes from the damage caused due to the problem of welders flash. It helps in reducing the pain and also relaxes eyes completely. Put a few slices of potato on the eyes to the benefits.


Rose Water

You should use cooled rose water for rinsing your eyes. Rose water in rich in useful properties and also relaxes the eyes. Not only this, the rinsing of eyes with rose water helps in treating the pain and inflammation and also provides relief from the problem effectively.

Rose Water

Cucumber Pulp

Cucumber pulp should also be applied on the eyes. Cucumber pulp is very cool in nature and thus reduces the affects of welder flash very effectively. It helps in treating the pain and also prevents the vision problems. Apply cucumber pulp on the eyes to get the benefits.

cucumber pulp

Almond Oil

Almond oil is very effective in protecting the eyes from the damage caused due to welders flash. The presence of vitamin E in almond oil helps in the lubrication of the eyes and hence prevents the pain and inflammation very effectively. It is therefore advised to apply almond oil on the eye lids and around the eyes to get relief from the problem.

Almond Oil

Tea Bags

Soaks tea bags in water and put them in refrigerator for some time. Now apply the cooled tea bags on your eyes. The tea bags have anti inflammatory tannic acid in it and this acid helps in treating the pain and inflammation of the eyes very effectively. You should therefore follow this remedy every day to treat welders flash completely.

tea bags

Wet Cloth

Take cold water and soak a cloth in it and now apply this cloth over your eyes. This remedy provides great relaxation to the eyes and also treats the symptoms of welders flash very effectively. Repeat this remedy in every few hours to get effective results.

wet cloth


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