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8 Skin Care Tips For Swimmers

Skin Care Tips For Swimmers

A good swim can help in toning your muscles and this good exercise has some flip points as well. One important reason is its damaging impact on the skin. We often notice that most people who swim complain of some problems such as rashes, dry skin etc. Prolonged swimming in chlorinated water can cause extreme dryness and sometimes it can even lead to itchiness as well. Some people are more susceptible to get affected with such skin problems. So, we have listed a few tips that help in saving your skin from such damage.

Here Are 8 Skin Care Tips For Swimmers

Drink Lots Of Water

Any form of exercise can make your body shed some water in the form of sweat, which might even lead to dehydration as well. Swimming is a wonderful exercise and is no exception to that. Drink lots of water i.e. around 10-12 glasses every day to keep your body hydrated which can, in turn, keep your skin moist, soft, and supple. Drinking water before and after your swimming session is essential for your body and skin.

Drink Lots Of Water

Pre-Swim And Post-Swim Shower

Before entering the pool, take a quick shower as it can help in hydrating the top layer of the skin before entering the pool. After finishing your swimming session, have a warm shower using a gentle soap as it can help in rinsing the chlorine off from your skin as well as hair. Don’t rub your skin with a towel as it can remove the skin’s moisture. So, gently pat yourself down with your towel.


Moisturize Your Skin

If you spend a lot of time in the daytime or in the water, be it chlorinated or salty, you need to moisturize your skin. Post-shower, apply lots of moisturizing cream on your damp skin as it helps in locking the skin’s natural moisture and prevent it from drying.

Moisturize Your Skin

Protect The Skin

Make sure that you protect your skin from the damaging sun rays by using a sunblock lotion. Use a waterproof sunscreen prior to the swimming session. Before you go for your swimming session, give your body around 20 minutes or so to absorb the sunscreen.


Drying Tips

You need to wash your swimming costumes thoroughly as early as possible after your swimming session. Doing so well prevent the risks of getting skin rashes. It might be impossible to fully dry ourselves after a swimming session before getting back into our clothes. So, use a talcum powder to the areas that are difficult to dry such as your upper body and feet. This tip works great every time.

Talcum Powder

Cleansing The Skin

There are several body wash products that work amazingly for every skin type. Products that contain aloe gel, lanolin acid are good for the skin post-swimming session. Using such products can help restore the skin’s moisture once you are out of the pool. Alternatively, you can use a banana for cleansing your skin because it is a natural cleansing agent.

Cleansing The Skin


Chaffing is one condition observed among several swimmers throughout their workout. So, you need to apply petroleum jelly to the areas that are more prone to chaff before you get into your swimming session to avoid skin damage and reduce the irritation.


Go For A Clean Pool

The chlorine concentration in some swimming pools is very high and they are not cleaned regularly as well. So, go for the pools that are cleaned regularly so as to protect your skin from irritations and other diseases.

Go For A Clean Pool



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