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8 Skin Care Ideas For Sensitive Skin

A sensitive skin is something that need special care unlike other skin type because if you don’t work upon your skin with great care than later you might need to spend a thousand bucks to revive it. Therefore, someone once said “prevention is better than cure” fits well with your sensitive skin. It is not only the creams and cleansers that you should be knowing about, sometimes the knowledge of dos and don’ts are necessary more than anything. Lucky that you have come here because here you will be learning the 8 DOS and DON’TS about your sensitive skin. Do read them all and practice in your daily life.

Here Are 8 Skin Care Ideas For Sensitive Skin

1. Moisturize Your Skin Day And Night

If you think that not applying anything is like keeping on the safer side then you probably are mistaken because sensitive skin needs utmost care. You cannot remain in your room whole day and save your skin. You have to go out where the elements of pollution are waiting to grab hold of your skin. Therefore, rather than switching creams very often, you should aim for moisturizing the skin. Also, make sure that you moisturize every morning and night because it keeps the skin glow intact and also doesn’t let it fall under trap.


2. Wash Carefully

Wash your face twice a day. Washing more than twice can act too much for your sensitive skin. Always go for a gentle cleanser that is meant for sensitive skin type and is potent enough to remove your face makeup and eye make-up at once. With gentle cleanser, you need to wash your face gently (no rubbing) and soon after, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer for maximum absorption.


3. Read Before You Buy

Knowing that you have sensitive skin type is not enough. You should be knowledgeable about what your skin needs and what it doesn’t. Only when you have knowledge about such thing, step out to the store. Also, when you buy any product for your skin, make sure that you read the label carefully before you lose your money as well as your skin. For sensitive skin the products should be free from paraben preservative and fragrances as they cause irritation and flare-ups. The shorter (less than 10 ingredients) the ingredients in the label, the better it is else it is going to play your skin game.

Read Before You Buy

4. Proper Diet

It is often said that what you eat is what shows on your face. Sensitive skin is the best example of this sentence because in case of sensitive skin, you don’t need to apply many creams but rather look after your diet. A healthy diet will replace the creams and cosmetics and keep you skin great in just any situation.

Proper Diet

5. The Lesser, The Better

Having only a moisturizer and a cleanser will do for sensitive skin because in case of sensitive skin, the lesser, the better is widely accepted. Therefore, apply the product daily but that should comprise of moisturizer and only moisturizer. Keeping it simple means keeping the skin great forever. Also don’t switch the moisturizer frequently.

The Lesser, The Better

6. Choose Cosmetics Product Carefully

Sensitive skin is delicate, it needs products that go in symphony with the skin type. However, every girls want to wear makeup while stepping outside so does that mean that the option of wearing makeup is over for her? No, not necessarily because sensitive skin needs care not restriction. You may apply make-up, but choose the product carefully. For makeup products, go for mineral powder that is free from preservative and artificial dyes, use pencil eye liner, never ever go for waterproof mascara because it is slightly harder and last but not the least, never go for the old cosmetics because they go bad with time.

Choose Cosmetics Product Carefully

7. Apply Only After Testing

Whatever you buy, whatever you see, needs to be tested first. Whenever you switch your product, make sure that you run a small test first and then only go for the product. For testing, you may apply a small dough of the cream on a small portion of your skin and wait for 24 hours at least to experience the signs. In case you feel irritation, flakiness, redness or other freak freak-outs, then never ever go for the product. In case your skin is hypersensitive, then you may apply a small patch of the cream juts next to the eyes. If all clear then you are good to go.

Apply Only After Testing

8. Go For SPF Smarts

The biggest problem with sensitive skin is how to go outside because the moment you step out, the cruel sun is going to start playing with your skin. However, you have something that can keep this problem at bay. I am talking about the SPF creams and lotions. This creates a tough layer between the sun and the skin thus not letting the sun do anything wrong to it. Also, while choosing the SPF lotion, go for the one having SPF more than 30. Also look for physical active ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in the sunscreen.

Sunscreen With Higher SPF


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