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8 Home Remedies For Fat Burn


Concerned about shaping your tummy and cutting off extra fats from your body, managing BMI between 19-25, it is not at all difficult task as you can shape up by exercising and running, but that’s a lot of pain. This goal can also be achieved by improving your eating habits as there are many home remedies available to shape up. There are many factors on which body mass depends, it can be lack of exercise, lack of sleep, over eating habits, eating a lot of junk or can be genetic too. First thing to do is to maintain your eating habits. Obesity is considered a disease as it increases risks of numerous numbers of serious health problems.

Some Of Most Helpful Home Remedies For Obesity Are

Ginger And Honey Juice

This combination can be considered as best home remedy because of Fructose present in honey which are more of a fuel for your liver to produce hormones that simply burns out excess fat present in body. Ginger is like a catalyst to this reaction, straightening out your metabolism and fastening this fat burning reaction. All you have to do is to mix these two products in a ratio of 3:2 tablespoon and drink the mixture twice a day.

ginger juice

Apple Cider Vinegar

This product is far better than using pills to kill your hunger; it makes you feel fuller for a long period of time restraining you from unhealthy choices. It kills the fat tissues while keeping body’s metabolism at fast pace while extra tissues are flushed out from body. It creates a sensation in body similar to that at time of exercising so that you can observe changes in your body happening at a very fast pace. Drink at least twice a day for better results.

apple cider vinegar

Lemon Juice

Lemon is well known for improving digestion thus directly fighting obesity. It provides body with essential vitamins to burn fat and removes toxins from our body. All you have to do is to drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with water after every meal for nearly 1 month for result to show up. Don’t worry about the sourness as it can be tackled by adding honey to add great taste, use warm water for better results.


Green Tea

It is more than just hot water added with flavor, instead it can be considered as most-healthiest beverage present on earth. It contains great amount of antioxidants which are very essential for your overall health and weight loss. It has a very simple process of boosting up your hormones required for burning fat, simply increasing the pace of fat burning in your body. Drink a well boiled cup of green tea early in the morning; continue this routine for 3 months for results to actually show up.

Green Tea

Sage Tea

This product is a long used medicine for people living across Mediterranean, but what’s amazing is that how effective this plant is in increasing your body’s metabolism to fight against obesity by burning extra calories at a very fast rate. These leaves are totally sugar free and have a wide range of benefits, like preventing Diabetes, treatment of excess sweating, to reduce pain and inflammation. Drink at least twice a day for a period of 3 months for best results. Avoid if pregnant and not use more than 5 doses a day.


Aloe Vera

This is a product which you can easily grow at your doorstep, not only is this helpful for treating wounds or fight pimples and acne but it has been proved over ages that it is very effective tool for cutting down or burning extra calories of yours. It is best known for managing your body’s BMI by turning fats into energy and enzymes, to promote development of muscles, betterment of digestion and detoxifying body’s chemicals. It comes in lot of forms like gel and juices, and can be combined with other healthy products like honey, water, juice, etc. consumption should be regular to get best of results.

Aloe Vera


Honey is a great combination of taste and health, which is a very rare combination to find. Its sweeter than sweets but doesn’t cause sugar level to go up. Many studies reveal that by replacing sugar with honey you can cut off extra calories and it produces hormones in our body to fight against fats and carbohydrates. Use daily for good results.



It has been studies that eating tomatoes with your night meal can actually help you to lose some 10 pounds on an average daily, while its juicy, yummy, it basically suppresses your hunger for extra time. Eat daily specially at night time for good results.



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