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8 Head To Toe DIY At Home Spa Treatments

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Why spend money on expensive spa treatment when you can easily enjoy the benefits of the beauty treatments at home with common pantry items. From the head to the foot, your entire body can be nourished with homemade spa treatments. For lustrous shiny manes, try a honey and apple cider vinegar hair mask. It helps in lightening your dark manes without causing any damage. For whitening your teeth, use DIY strawberry teeth whitener. Adding Epsom salt to your bath helps in detoxifying your skin. For brightening up the stained nails, brush them with toothpaste. There are DIY recipes for body scrubs that you can make with edible ingredients. To know about more such DIY spa treatments, visit the following link.

Rockinmomsworld – 8 Head To Toe DIY At Home Spa Treatments



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