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8 Essential Oils That Help Reduce Scars

8 Essential Oils That Help Reduce Scars

Scars are a cosmetic concern that reminds us of the unsightly zit, burn or wound that damaged the skin and left its impression. Although you may not get rid of a scar overnight, nevertheless, essential oils can help fade the scar. Essential oils support regeneration of new skin cells. Over time the new skin cells replace the damaged cells and the scars become less noticeable. A number of essential oils with regenerative property are often blended together and applied to the scar to speed up the healing process. They are considered safe for the skin and there is minimum risk of adverse reactions when essential oils are used topically according to instruction.

Here Is A List Of Essential Oils That Are Known To Help In Lightening Scars:

1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil:

Carrot seed essential oil supports regeneration of the skin cells. It is therefore considered effective in fading scars. To repair the damaged skin tissues, apply a small amount of carrot seed essential oil to the scarred area. For better result, carrot seed essential oil can be combined with other essential oils that are known for their regenerative property such as helichrysum, rose, patchouli, frankincense or myrrh [1].

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

2. Helichrysum Essential Oil:

To reduce appearance of scars, apply helichrysum essential oil to the affected area. It is known to help in reducing scars caused by rashes, cuts and minor burns. To lighten the scar, gently massage the affected area with a small amount of helichrysum essential oil. However, if you have sensitive skin, before applying the essential oil dilute it with equal amount of carrier oil [2].

Helichrysum Essential Oil

3. Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender essential oil supports healing of the damaged skin and speeds up regeneration of the skin tissues. To reduce appearance of scars, apply lavender essential oil to the injured area. Mix four to five drops of lavender essential oil with water and wash the wound with it. To lighten scars left behind on the skin after a wound heals apply two to four drops of the undiluted oil to the affected area several times a day [3].

Lavender Essential Oil

4. Geranium Essential Oil:

Topical application of geranium essential oil helps in stimulating circulation underneath the skin. Increase in supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin promote regeneration of skin cells. This helps in fading the scars. Geranium essential oil should be first diluted with carrier oil and then applied to the scarred area [4].

Geranium Essential Oil

5. Rose Essential Oil:

The aromatic rose essential oil helps in fading scars. After a wound has healed, apply few drops of rose essential oil directly to the damaged skin. This helps in speeding up regeneration of the skin cells that helps in getting rid of the scar fast [5].

Rose Essential Oil


6. Frankincense Essential Oil:

The aromatic essential oil produced by distilling the resin of the frankincense tree helps in reducing scar tissues. Gently massaging the scar with a small amount of the essential oil helps in fading it. It helps rejuvenate the skin cells, thereby helping in lightening the scar [6].

Frankincense Essential Oil

7. Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Sandalwood essential oil is also found to be effective in reducing scars. It soothes the skin and supports growth of new skin cells. Sandalwood essential oil can also be applied to the injured skin. It promotes faster healing and reduces appearance of scars [7].

Sandalwood Essential Oil

8. Neroli Essential Oil:

Neroli essential oil is known to promote regeneration of skin cells. It contains a chemical called citral that assists in the development of new cells. It helps repair the damaged cells and reduces appearance of scars [8].

Neroli Essential Oil



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