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8 Effective Home Remedies Against Forehead Acnes

Against Forehead Acnes

Forehead is one of the most common place for acne breakout. These may be causes by microbes, or sebum or the dead skin cells. All these three reason clog the skin pores that causes the acnes to burst out. Perhaps, you would have the slight idea that there are lots of things in your kitchen that can solve at least 90% of your skin conditions like acnes, dull skin, marks and spots. Today, you are going to explore 8 such things and the way you can use these things to end your problem.

Let’s Wipe The Forehead Acnes In 8 Different Kitchen Ways

1. Tea Tree Oil + Aloe Vera

Tea tree oil is an essential oil and its properties and benefit has listed it as an important ingredients in many kind of face washes, creams, face masks and scrubs. The oil contains astringent properties that removes pimples and blemishes from the skin. The antiseptic properties keep the bacteria and other germs away. Although tee tree oil has a huge potential but you must use essential oil as a blend with some other ingredient else the concentration may cause damage to the skin. You can use aloe vera for this purpose which is another nature’s wonder in stopping acne breakouts, removing marks and other facial conditions. In two teaspoon of aloe vera, add few drops of tea tree oil. Mix well and apply on your skin or the affected portion. If it irritates, wash off immediately else keep applied for a minimum of 20 minutes. Do follow the same remedy once daily, if not possible then keep gap of one day in between.

Tea Tree Oil + Aloe Vera

2. Apply Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the easiest & the best remedy for removing forehead acnes fast. Toothpaste contains antibacterial property that render it the ability to kill the microbes that are causing acnes on forehead. Toothpaste also contains peroxide that is again very effective against the germs. Simply apply a little lump of toothpaste on your forehead acnes and keep for as long as you can. If you don’t have enough time, apply at night and wash off the next morning.

Apply Toothpaste

3. Orange Peel And Lemon Juice

Orange peel is for the overall beauty purpose. You don’t have to apply orange peel but form it powder first and then use on acnes. For preparing the powder, dry orange peel in sunlight for a few days and then crush it for its powder. Mix one teaspoon of orange peel powder in about 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. If the paste formed is too thick, then instead of adding more lemon juice, add rose water. Apply on the acne region. This paste is limited not just for the problem but you can use it on the entire skin. Keep it applied for 20 minutes or until it air dries. Don’t worry, if it takes longer in drying with air. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Orange Peel And Lemon Juice

4. Apply Ice

If you want to remove acnes overnight then icing is another very effective remedy. The reason for using ice is that the low temperature of ice reduces the redness and swelling associated with acne thus finally removing it without leaving any mark.
Rub ice on the acne region on your forehead. Rub for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Not once or twice but rub ice approximately 3 to 4 times every day. The acne will go away in a few days.

Apply Ice

5. Red Clover

Red clover is a powerful herb for a number of health issues like hormonal imbalance and spotty skin. You can use red clover for detoxification and blood cleansing purpose which will automatically reveal in your skin in the form of skin that is clear and free of acnes. When the blood is pure or free of toxins, the skin remains healthy and debarred of acne breakouts. With red clover, you can maintain healthier complexion. The herb is also effective against cystic acnes. You can drink red clover juice once daily and let your blood and body be healthy forever. Don’t break the routine.

Red Clover

6. Turmeric + Coriander Juice

Turmeric is known for tis antiseptic and antibacterial property. For this reason, turmeric is preferred as a good medicine on fresh wounds. With its usage, you can get rid of the harsh acnes. Turmeric also acts as an inflammatory agent that eliminates soreness, pimples and redness. You can use this outstanding herb for removing acnes from your forehead not just for a day or two but for a long time. As you are to form turmeric paste, you need to use something like rose water or coriander juice. In ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, add some coriander juice. The juice should be enough to form a medium consistency paste. Now apply this on your face in circular motion and keep applied for 20 minutes. Wash off afterwards to check its results. As the results won’t be visible in a few usage therefore, you need to use it for longer period or till your skin becomes all clear.

Turmeric + Coriander Juice

7. Honey + Cinnamon

Although honey is known for its moisturizing property but it can also be used against acnes. Honey when mixed with cinnamon, throws a tough battle with the troublesome acnes at forehead or just anywhere. Remember that you have to keep the paste applied for as long as you can. Use organic honey for this purpose as it is very natural and is free of any other ingredients. Mix one teaspoon of organic honey with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix well and apply on your acnes, and marks area. Keep it applied for 20 minutes and wash off after. Or, you may apply at night and wash off the next morning. In the morning, you will be free of pimples or acnes on your forehead.

Honey + Cinnamon

8. Lemon Juice + Olive Oil + Egg

These three ingredients are capable of doing a lot other than wiping acnes and pimples from your face. These three ingredients when mixed fight against the germs that are responsible for causing this harsh problem, clear any kind of marks on the skin, bleaches it, moisturizes and make the skin tight. Overall, you can have everything that you want to see in your skin with this mask. Break one egg for its white portion. Mix it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix well or beat for some times. Now apply the mixture on your face and form a smooth layer. Keep it applied for 15 minutes before you finally wash it off the next morning.

Lemon Juice + Olive Oil + Egg


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