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8 Best Toners For Oily Skin

Got an oily skin and hesitant to use any cream or chemical toner? Well, it happens but now you got to do away with the hesitation and lean toward a toner but only homemade. These are potent enough to make the skin look less oily and less shiny but only normal with a natural shine on it. Out there in the market, most of the toners regardless of bearing the title “natural” contain alcohol and products that can bear long lasting damage to the skin. Therefore it is wise to put some effort and prepare your own home-made toner that refreshes the skin and reduces greasy shine from its surface. Do, read the article below and prepare such toners at home.

Here Are 8 Best Toners For Oily Skin

1. Cold Water Toner

So far, it is the cheapest and the most reliable toner out there. Cold water that is filtered and distilled hydrates the skin cells and reduces the frequent formation of acnes and accumulation of excessive oil in its pores. Besides, it is natural and so far has proved to be the best toner. If not cold water, you can also go for ice cubes. Use ice cubes on your skin as it tightens the skin cells and keeps excessive oil away. Plus, it will keep the skin active all the time.

Cold Water Toner

2. Green Tea Toner

Rather than heading towards market for toners, you should head towards your kitchen for making this toner. It is perfect and has no comparison with other toners. The presence of loads of antioxidants and nutrients in green tea, keeps away the formation of wrinkles, locks moisture into the skin cells and keeps skin healthy always. Apart from making a perfect oily skin toner, green tea also makes a wonderful anti-ageing toner. Put 1-2 green tea bag in boiling water and allow it to cool down. Once it does, apply on your face with a cotton ball. You may also store the remaining toner in a clean water and refrigerate for the next 3-4 days.

Green Tea Toner

3. Margosa Toner

With modernization, people have been relying on expensive toners loaded with chemicals and forgetting the most reliable sources like margosa that guarantees to make a toner that is thousand times better than the one available in the market. Discarding it for its bitter taste is what people have done, least knowing that the same thing is the actual power of margosa. To see its magic, read the recipe below. Boil a handful of margosa leaves in the water and use the water on your face once it turns cold. You may also store the water for further use.

Margosa Toner

4. Cucumber Toner

You might have seen people keeping cucumber pieces on their eyes for removing dark circles. Well, now you can use it as toner also. It soothes the skin, provides cooling effect for longer hours, cleanses dirt and excessive sebum from the skin and keeps it refreshed. With all these benefits, cucumber creates a seamless skin moisture and oil balance. Grate cucumber according to your face size and keep on your face for 5-10 minutes. Remove cucumber later and then wash off with pure, cold water.

Cucumber Toner

5. Apple Cider Vinegar And Green Tea

With the power of two potent ingredients, apple cider vinegar and green tea, the toner created is must-not to be ignored. Besides acting as a toner, it reaps many benefits such as exfoliating skin, and keeping it mark free and cleansed every time. Simply mix ¾ cup of strong green tea into ¼ cup of raw apple cider vinegar. Apply on your skin and keep for 20 minutes. Rinse clearly with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Green Tea

6. Aloe Vera

Another natural ingredients that is used for multiple skin benefits, aloe vera gives all that to your skin what you wish for. With its antioxidants, it keep free radicals away and also restores the natural pH of the skin. With regular usage, you will find the oil turning into moisture on your skin and keeps its layer tight. Simply, squeeze aloe vera and rub its juice everywhere on your skin. Keep until it naturally dries and wash off later with chill water. Follow regularly and see to what degree your skin can change.

Aloe Vera

7. Rose Water

The tradition started by the ancient Indians, Egyptians and the Persians is still carried on in the form of rose water. Yes, earlier people were in a habit of using rose water as skin toner and to revive the skin. To apply, you may sprinkle rose water on your skin at least twice every day.

Use With Rosewater

8. Lemon Toner

The truth is regardless of knowing what lemon actually contains, lemon is in highlight for its several skin benefits. It is an easy to make toner and can be used in several ways for multiple benefits. Containing the astringent properties, lemon kills the bacteria responsible for acnes and also tightens the skin pores. To bring lemon into use, simply squeeze one lemon into pure, cold water and with the help of a cotton ball, dampen your face with this water. While squeezing the lemon into the water, keep the ration 1:2. Also, use the lemon toner on your skin daily in the morning.

Lemon Toner


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