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8 Amazing Benefits Of Shea Butter For Gorgeous Skin And Hair

Shea Butter For Gorgeous Skin And Hair

Shea butter has taken the cosmetic market with a storm. Its numerous beauty and hair benefits are unmatched. It is one of those rare elements that is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Cinnamon acid, all-in-one. It is a native to an African Tree, Karite whose nuts contain raw shea that has to be processed in order to extract what we know as a beauty blessing, organic shea butter. Today we will introduce you to the 8 amazing benefits of Shea butter that will make you want to use it as soon as you can.

1. It Reduces Skin Dryness:

Shea butter is loaded with bulk traces of Vitamin E. And Vitamin E is not just an antioxidant, it is also a natural moisturizer that easily seeps within the deeper skin layers. Thus, it repairs and conditions the dry shrunken cells and makes the skin super soft and glossy.

 Skin Dryness

2. It Reduces Wrinkles:

Blessed with Vitamin A, Shea Butter makes an amazing anti-wrinkle natural recipe. Vitamin A  repairs damaged collagen, skin’s natural protein, to produce new skin cells. The new skin cells are soft and plump. These cells take the place of old skin cells and collagen holds them together, tightly. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles reduce to a great extent.


3. It Protects The Skin From UV Damage:

Shea butter offers amazing benefits of a sunscreen too. It is loaded with bulk traces of cinnamon acid, hytosterols and Vitamin E. And these three ingredients, together form a second skin in between the UVA and UVB sun rays and the skin. Which is why, Shea Butter is one of the top picks that actually show results in reducing sunburns, sunburn blisters, premature skin ageing and tanning.

Protects The Skin From UV Damage

4. It Helps In Eczema:

Eczema is a severe skin drying health concern that leads to swelling, rashes, itching and pain. Shea butter is a clinically proven natural remedy that deeply moisturizes the skin and reduces the excessive itching and flaking in people suffering from eczema. In fact, according to a research, Shea Butter works way better than certified drugs for eczema.


5. It Reduces Stretch Marks:

Shea butter makes a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that is loaded with the goodness of skin hydrating and pampering antioxidants and vitamins. It tightens the skin by repairing skin binding protein, collagen. This diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, and even scars and acne marks.

Stretch Marks

6. It Reduces Hair Fall:

Shea butter, rich in natural hydrating Vitamins like Vitamin A and E, works wonders for people suffering from hair fall and hair loss. Various studies have shown that Shea butter makes the hair roots stronger than ultimately makes brittle hair stronger. In fact, when used for about 20 days, the results are quite visible.

Hair Fall

7. It Makes Scalp Healthy:

Shea butter is an amazing exfoliator and emollient. It deeply nourishes dry scalp and reduces itching. This also controls inflammation. It restores the scalp’s pH level that ultimately makes hair strands soft and silky.

 It Makes Scalp Healthy

8. It Makes Hair Stronger:

Shea butter supplies the scalp with much needed vitamins and minerals. The vitamins re-hydrate dry scalp, reducing dandruff too. And minerals restore the pH level of the scalp. This makes hair follicles stronger that triggers the formation of new healthy hair strands. This makes fragile hair stronger and reduces the chances of split ends by reducing hair breakage. It also improves hair texture.

Hair Stronger

The above listed 8 benefits of using Shea butter come with a caution though. Always use organic Shea butter. It is light yellow, and has a super creamy texture. It can totally reform the way you look with its regular, but controlled, usage.



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