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7 Ways To Use Ground Ginger

Use Ground Ginger

Ginger is a useful herb and spice used for cooking food. It has many health benefits with many positive effects on our health. People use ginger root in many ways. However, there are special benefits of using the ground ginger of ginger powder instead of using the solid ginger root. It is added to food as a spice. Ground ginger is also used for baking purposes. You can purchase the ginger powder from the market. It is available in sections of the market that sell spices and baking material. Ginger is a warm spice with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in fighting cold, flu, congestion, nausea, and vomiting. There are many ways to use ground ginger for different purposes. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips and suggestions to heal health problems with the help of ginger powder.

Following Are The 7 Ways To Use Ground Ginger:

1. Use Ground Ginger In A Tea:

Using ground ginger in the form of tea is very beneficial for health. To make the tea, add ground ginger or powder ginger to hot water. For a single use, one glass of water will be enough. Stir and drink the tea.


2. Use Ground Ginger Hot Compress:

Using a hot compress of ginger powder helps in fighting sinus problems. Make the compress by boiling ginger powder or ground ginger in water. Boil and simmer on slow flame for some time. Switch off the flame and dip a cotton fabric or washcloth in this liquid. Let the liquid become cold so that it is bearable to touch it. Squeeze and wring the cloth applying it on the sinus area on the face. After the cloth is cold, dip it again in ginger liquid, squeeze and reapply. Avoid touching the eyes with the hot compress.

Ginger Hot Compress

3. Use Ground Ginger Footbath:

You can use ground ginger to make a vasodilating foot bath. For this, take two gallons of hot water. Mix one-teaspoon ginger powder and a double amount of mustard powder with the water. To this, you should add one fourth teaspoon cayenne pepper. Pour this liquid in a bucket or tub and dip your feet in it to take a footbath.

Ground Ginger Footbath

4. Use Ground Ginger With Epsom Salt For A Bath:

Taking Epsom salt bath with ginger powder helps in the detoxification of the skin and body. For this, you should mix one or two cups of Epsom salts with warm bath water filled in a tub. Add ginger powder with the bathwater. Adding any type of essential oil has extra benefits. Mix all these things and soak the body in the bath for forty minutes.

 Ground Ginger With Epsom Salt For A Bath

5. Use Ground Ginger Poultice For Easing Pain:

Get relief from body pain by using a ginger powder poultice. To make this poultice, take the ginger powder. To this, add turmeric powder and castor oil. Mix well so that get a paste like a mixture. Apply on affected body areas with pain. Place a towel over it. Apply hot water bottle on it for fifteen minutes. Alternatively, use a heating pad. Wash the skin with water. Repeat several times in a day.

 Easing Pain

6. Use Ground Ginger With Asafoetida For Stomach Problems:

Taking a ginger powder drink made by mixing asafoetida helps in fighting stomach problems like indigestion. To make this drink, mix a pinch of dry ginger powder in a glass of hot water. To this, add an equal amount of rock salt and asafoetida. Mix well. Consume the drink. It will solve stomach problem caused by overeating of food. The warm ginger drink also gives relief from flatulence.

Stomach Problems

7. Use Ground Ginger Capsules:

Taking ginger powder in the form of capsules is another way of taking ground ginger. You can buy these capsules from health food stores in the market. Take two 500 mg ginger powder capsules twice a day.




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