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7 Ways To Fight Itchy Skin After A Shower

7 Ways To Fight Itchy Skin After A Shower
A shower in the morning and evening after returning from office is very important as it helps in cleaning the skin. However, sometimes there can be an itching in the skin after a shower. It causes a lot of irritation due to constant itching. The itching can be due to some allergy-causing ingredient in the soap. Sweat and perspiration also cause itching. If you take a shower with very hot water, the skin can become dry causing itching and scratching. Skin problems like contact dermatitis and aquagenic pruritus also lead to itching in the skin. There are many ways to fight this problem and heal the itching. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are 7 Ways To Fight Itchy Skin After A Shower.

1. Wipe The Skin Dry After A Shower

Wipe the body well after a shower so that the water is not in contact with the skin for a long time. The water with which you take a shower or bathe contains harmful solutes that may cause irritation in the skin. Salt and chlorine are the main irritants in water that cause itching. Thus, avoid this problem by making the skin completely dry by wiping with a towel after a shower or bath.
 Wipe The Skin Dry After A Shower

2. Reduce The Time Of Shower

It is possible to avoid and control the problem of an itchy skin by reducing the time you take to have a shower. Take maximum five to ten minutes for taking a shower or a bath. It will help in avoiding the loss of natural oils from the skin. Do not take long and hot showers as it makes the skin very dry worsening the problem of itching. Instead of using hot water for a shower or bath, you should use lukewarm of warm water.
Reduce The Time Of Shower

3. Use Gentle Soaps And Shampoos

Some soaps and shampoos used during a shower or bath contain irritating ingredients that cause itching in the skin. Thus, avoid using harsh chemical products for bathing and taking a shower. Always use mild products without chemicals and irritants. Using baby soaps is the best option as it is very gentle on the skin. Also, use a baby shampoo. Do not use antibacterial soaps. Wash the skin and hair properly so that all residues of soaps and shampoos are removed completely.
Use Gentle Soaps And Shampoos

4. Limit The Number Of Baths Or Showers

Avoid taking frequent baths. Reduce the number of showers you take to avoid itching in the skin. Taking bath frequently is the main cause of irritation and dryness in the skin. There is also a risk of skin infections due to this. Frequent bath damages the good bacteria and normal beneficial micro flora present in our skin and this may cause harm and itching.
Limit The Number Of Baths Or Showers

5. Rub The Skin Very Gently

Rubbing and scrubbing the skin very hard during a shower or bath causes skin damage leading to itching. There is no special need to scrub the skin for getting rid of dead skin cells or exfoliating it. The dead cells are removed naturally without doing anything. Always rub and scrub the skin very gently without using pressure. Do not use loofahs and products with hard surfaces for scrubbing the skin.
Rub The Skin Very Gently

6. Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda to control itching in the skin that occurs after a shower or bath. For this, take baking soda and apply it on the skin after you take a shower. Rub it on the skin gently. It will help in easing the problem of itchy skin.
Use Baking Soda

7. Apply Moisturizer After A Shower

If the skin becomes very dry after having a bath or shower, it can cause itching. To control this problem, always hydrate the skin by using a moisturizer post shower. First, dry the skin completely with a towel after you take a shower. Apply moisturizer on the skin after that. If you have a problem of sensitive skin, always use a moisturizer that does not cause irritating ingredients and additives like fragrance.
Apply Moisturizer After A Shower



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