7 Warning Signs Of Consuming Too Much Salt

Warning Signs Of Consuming Too Much Salt

Salt is many forms is essential for a number of body processes; these salts are sodium salt, potassium salt, chloride salts etc. Our body receives salts from many natural food sources such as fruits, vegetables, and even water. A normal person meets his daily salt requirements by simply consuming the food on a daily basis. However, for taste purpose we add some salts to our food to make it palatable; this is mostly the salt of sodium chloride. Now in small quantities or even moderate levels the salt intake doesn’t cause many health problems; however excessive salt consumption could prove to be very harmful for our body. Consuming too much of salt could lead to some serious health conditions and therefore it must be avoided. Listed down are 7 warning signs of consuming too much salt; keep a check on these in order to limit your salt intake before it causes some serious damage.

1. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is a very commonly observed warning sign of excessive salt intake. This happens because the high amount of salt makes our kidneys increase the level of water in the body – called water retention; this leads to increase in blood volume. As a consequence of which the heart has to work more to pump the blood; also the other vital organs like kidneys and brain are overworked. The end result of which is high blood pressure which ultimately could cause a number of heart diseases.

High Blood Pressure

2. Unexplained Swelling In Different Parts Of The Body:

Due to excessive salt intake our body retains water; this water is retained in our hands, feet and other parts like the face etc. which makes them swollen. The most common parts which tend to get swollen are the ankles & feet, fingers as well as the face. Unexplained swelling in the body must be taken as an important sign of excessive salt intake.


3. Feeling Thirsty All The Time:

Excessive consumption of salt disturbs the salt-water balance in our body; this happens because the salt pushes majority of the water out of the cells into the blood making them crave for water. As a result we feel thirsty all the time. Thus excessive thirst is also a vital sign of consuming too much salt.


4. Mental Confusion Or Fogginess:

Too much of salt interferes with the function of brain and other vital organs. This causes mental confusion and to some extent interferes with the thinking process. You may also start to feel lazy and confused.

 Mental Confusion

5. Stomach Ulcers Or Mouth Ulcers:

Intake of too much salt might cause frequent appearance of mouth ulcers and if left unattended it might also result in stomach ulcers. A main reason why this happens is that salt is processed in nature and it highly irritates the mucous layer paving way for ulcers.

Mouth Ulcers:


6. Salt Addiction:

People who eat too much salt get a habit of eating excessive salt. It is just like an addiction; the more salt you eat the more you will start desiring and at this stage it gets really difficult to stay away from it. Thus if you observe that you can’t stay away from salt, take it seriously and work on it.

Salt Addiction

7. Kidney Stones:

Excessive salt consumption makes our kidneys work more and more. Overworked kidneys tend to get exhausted and saturated. In addition, high salt intake is a major catalyst in formation of painful kidney stones.

Kidney Stones


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