7 Warning Signs Of An Autoimmune Disease

An Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is distinguished by some indication and cautioning signs. It is important to be attentive to these indications so that you will be able to attend to it and manage it in time. Autoimmune diseases are not the result of any bacterial or virus infection but are caused when the immune system of your body develops a reaction against its genetic tissues or organs or cells too. Sudden swelling in the body parts is a consequence of this.

1. Sudden Weight Loss:

It is a cause for concern when you lose weight though you don’t diet or exercise. It could be an indication or evidence of a severe sickness or disease. People suffering from sudden weight loss usually could be diabetes, cancer, infection in the stomach, hypothyroidism, gastroenteritis, HIV, Celiac disease or dementia.

Weight Loss

2. Muscle Or Joint Pain:

Muscle pain and joint pain that results from autoimmune diseases is fundamentally owed to a mismanaged resistant response. This results in the attack of the very own cells by the immune system. The swelling that is caused by the mismanaged resistant response and damage of the tissues causes pain.

Joint Pain

3. Poor Mental Performance:

The connective tissue disorder that is called autoimmune disease a number of organs and systems are involved. The central, autonomic system of nerves and peripheral are involved in this. The recurrence of neuropsychiatric and neurological demonstrations differs in some autoimmune diseases. One of the very usual sources of these syndromes is vascular pathologies that includes blockage and swelling, pathologic and atherosclerotic differences.

mental health

4. Genital Wart:

Genital warts are the result of the sexually contracted disease. HPV may be transmitted to the baby from its mother at the time of childbirth. There may be no symptoms at all but the virus attack increases the risk of cervical cancer in the woman. No treatment that can cure the infection has been lodged yet. There are some anti viral medicines that are available that can decrease the eruption and can speed healing. If the disease is contracted that person will have to live with it lifelong.

Genital Wart

5. Numbness:

Numbness may be caused due to exposure to low temperature that will last for only some time. If you experience intermittent numbness and tingling you must see your doctor at once. It could be a deficiency in vitamins or even life alarming irregularity like a cardiovascular or a stroke.


6. Blood Clots And Miscarriages:

Some of the signs of the autoimmune disease are very unfortunate and metamorphic than the rest. Blood clot in the artery may cause threatening health issues. Abortions are connected with anti phospholipids preventive condition and celiac disease. Certain autoimmune diseases may also inflict anonymous blemishes on your body.

Blood Clots

7. Digestion Trouble Or Abdominal Pain:

The root causes of stomach pain are many. Some reasons for abdominal pain are bad diet, dehydration, stress, deficiency in nutritio, infection of bacteria, swelling of the digestive tract and chronic medical conditions. Abdominal pain can occur suddenly sometimes or with continued pain. A random recurrence of metabolism of assimilation and also color change in urine or stool or blood in urine or stool can signify unwanted autoimmune reaction.

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Digestion Trouble Or Abdominal Pain


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