7 Unknown Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel And Juice For Hair Health

Aloe Vera Gel And Juice For Hair Health

Aloe Vera is one of the most important constituents of Ayurveda and has benefited us with its natural goodness since time immemorial. With Ayurvedic remedies fast replacing the chemically loaded beauty products, more and more people are swearing by the results with the usage of Aloe Vera. One that is particularly gaining popularity amongst the beauty experts is its use to get lustrous and beautiful tresses.

Read On To Know More About How This Wonder Cactus-like Plant Can Help You Tame Your Locks:

1. Helps With Hair Growth And Thinning:

Aloe Vera gel is known to contain proteolytic enzymes which naturally stimulate hair growth. For those who are troubled with hair loss can reap good results by applying the gel on the scalp close to the roots of the hair. Let it sit for a while and later wash it off. With regular usage, one can notice a considerable difference in growth rate of the hair, and this can prove to be really helpful to those suffering from Alopecia or male pattern baldness. The nourishing enzymes in Aloe Vera also help people suffering from hair thinning as it promotes the growth of thicker and healthier hair.

2. Helps Tame Frizzy Hair:

For those suffering from dry, curly or frizzy hair, Aloe Vera comes to rescue by providing deep moisturization to your mane. The amino-acids in Aloe Vera condition the dry tresses and promote natural moisture production. It is long known as nature’s hair repair agent and locks in the moisture to help improve the smoothness. Include it in your pre-shampoo regime by applying aloe vera juice to damp hair starting from roots and working down the ends followed by a turban therapy to see instant results.

Frizzy Hair

3. Fights Dandruff:

When applied topically on the scalp by those suffering from dandruff, Aloe Vera gel has shown significant improvement in terms of reducing the dandruff flakes and itchiness. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Aloe Vera help soothe the scalp skin and the enzymes in it help unclog hair follicles from the accumulated dead skin on the scalp. It is also helpful to relieve scalp conditions like seborrhoea and psoriasis.


4. Lustrous Shine:

Aloe Vera is known to enhance the strength and suppleness of hair as it is packed with essential minerals and vitamins. It acts as a natural deep-conditioner by restoring hair’s lustre and shine and leaves it feeling softer than before. Besides the alkaline containing juice helps maintain the overall pH levels of the scalp. After rinsing the shampoo, rinse the hair with aloe vera juice to get that lusturous shine.


5. Oily Hair:

Aloe Vera juice mixed with lemon juice in a 1:2 proportion can be used as a natural hair rinse for oily hair. This hair mask breaks down the undesirable oil-build up on the shafts without leaving the hair feeling brittle or dry.

 Oily Hair

6. Helps Combat Split Ends:

Aloe Vera gel mixed with lemon juice and olive oil and made into a paste can prove to be very effective in repairing and preventing split ends. It forms a protective layer over your hair and keeps it safe from polluting environmental elements while keeping it consistently hydrated.

 Split Ends

7. Grey Hair:

Some people have also reported that Aloe Vera juice when kept overnight in an iron bowl and later mixed with fresh aloe vera gel for application, has shown a visible difference in hair colour. These results were reported after applying the mixture regularly for 3 months.

Grey Hair


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