7 Top Dangerous Acts After Meal


Various types of activities after meal can lead to serious results. People should be well aware of these facts that must be avoided at any cost. Meals are taken at proper interval of time. Certain activities if done after meal can hamper the metabolism in the body. People do not have proper ideas about these facts.

Following Are Some Of The Common Dangerous Acts That Are Done After Meals.


Few people like to smoke soon after having their meals. It is very dangerous activity as smoking soon after the meals is equivalent to smoke around 10 cigarettes. The chance of getting cancer becomes very high. Avoid this bad habit as it can hamper the health. Do not suddenly smoke after finishing the meals.


Eating Fruits After Meals

Some people try to eat fruits soon after finishing their meals. It can lead to serious results as it takes more time to digest the fruits in the intestines. The fruit will get mixed with the meals and takes more time to reach the intestines. It will thus get spoiled inside the stomach. You can take some fruit after a period of one hour. Fruits should be taken during morning time, which is ideal time for its consumption.


Avoid Drinking Tea

It is a very bad habit to drink tea soon after the meals. Most people can be seen doing this bad habit. Tea leaves are rich source of acid that can lead to generation of acid in the stomach. It will also harden the protein present in the meals content. You can drink tea after a period of one or two hours. Avoid practicing such ideas that can hamper the digestion.

Drinking Tea

Loosening The Belt

People often can be seen loosening their belt after eating their meals. It is a very bad habit as it leads to overeating. People tend to loosen their belt and feel comfortable after that. Make sure to avoid practicing such kind of habit. You can loosen after some time but not after the meals.


Bathing After Meals

Bathing soon after the meals can create negative results in the stomach. Bathing after meals will force the blood to flow to the hands, body and legs. The amount of blood in the stomach area will reduce at the same time. This in turn will lead to weaken the digestive system. Either you can wait for some time or it is better to first have bath and then have your meals. Make it a habit to bath and have your meals.


Walking After The Meals

People make a very serious kind of mistake by walking soon after meals. It is a very bad idea as it can lead to digestion and acid reflux problem. People thus suffer from this problem. Waking after 30 minutes can help to maintain proper health. Finish off your meals and wait for 30 minutes to start your walk. Walking is mainly done after thirty minutes to burn down the calories in the body. Walk for not more than ten minutes.


Sleeping Immediately

It is a common type of dangerous act that most people perform after completing meals. People often go to sleep after finishing their meals. First of all it will not allow the food items to digest the food items. Lastly it will increase the chance the getting infections in the intestines. Wait for the food to digest and you can go to sleep after few hours.



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