7 Serious Side Effects Of Avocados


Avocado is a very popular fruit with lots of medicinal qualities. This fruit has shape of a pear with delicious green pulp present inside it. Avocados are preferred for its wide range of health benefits for skin, hair and internal body. This fruit is a storehouse of many beneficial nutrients which also helps to cure numerous skin issues and health disorders naturally and easily. Avocado comprises of twenty five mineral and natural vitamins. It has plenty of fibres, protein and phytochemicals. When these Avocados are consumed in large quantities to what is needed by your body, it leads to several damaging effects which does reverse action on your body.

In This Article We Will See Seven Serious Side Effects Of Avocados

1. Harmful For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers

Avocados are not considered good for the health of pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. It may damage the mammary gland and produces less amount of milk in the body. When the baby does not get sufficient amount of milk it deteriorates its growth. Over consumption of this fruit can leads to empty stomach.


2. Increases Hypersensitivity

Avocado can increase the difficulties of people who are suffering from hypersensitivity. This fruit makes the condition of the patient more severe and acute. Overconsumption of avocado can also lead to increase in the sensitiveness of skin and skin reaction.


3. Leads To Allergy

Avocado has an adverse impact on skin and results in dreadful skin problems along with serious allergies. Some of the allergic signs include hives, redness, itching, patches, wounds, eczema. Excess consumption of avocado is dangerous as it can cause allergies in the mouth too. Some of the visible signs include swelling in the tongue and itching in the mouth. Avocado raises the amounts of serum and antibodies in the body that leads to allergic reactions.


4. Liver Disorders

Avocado is also available and consumed by people in the form of oil. This is very special oil which when applied in excess damages your liver. There is a special variety of avocado i.e., Mexican avocado that comprises of anethole and estragole. Both of these elements have been found to initiate carcinogenic reactions in the body. So it is very important to consume this avocado in moderate amounts to save your liver from damage. Also, if you are already suffering from any kind of liver malfunctioning then consumption of avocado will worsen the condition. You should completely stop its intake in that case.

 Liver Disease

5. Weight Gain

Avocado is the richfin calorie. Consumption of this calorie-rich fruit leads to increase in your weight. So if you are having increased weight then you must not eat this fruit. Instead, nourish your body by eating low calories fruits that would give your body the much-needed nutrition.

weight gain

6. Reduces Impact Of Medicines

Avocado exhibits a very surprising side effect that when it is consumed in large amounts then it reduces the medicinal impact of anti-inflammatory medication. The increased amount of intake of this fruit makes your blood thin.


7. Leads To Gastrointestinal Irritation

Consumption of avocado in huge amount leads to gastrointestinal issues like irritation, stomach upset etc.


These are some of the harmful side effects of over consumption of Avocados which many of us are not aware of. Avocado is a wonder fruit with plethora of health benefits. Enjoy this gift of Mother Nature in moderate amounts and reap its health benefits to the fullest.



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