7 Natural Ways To Fight Inflammation And Belly Fat

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Inflammation is a process that heals and protects our body from viral and bacterial infection. For example, when you suffer from cold, you get fever which is body’s inflammatory response to heal the body. But when your body’s immune system is compromised, they get out of control and due to over activity in the immune system-body get damaged. When body is stressed constantly, one can experience chronic low grade inflammation that makes them susceptible to illness like arthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and bacterial and viral infections. Foods play a major role in inflammation. Foods high in saturated fats and sugar can spur inflammation while there are some foods that may help to curb inflammation. Here are seven foods which have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can fight inflammation the natural way and bring relief from pain and inflammation.

7 Natural Ways To Fight Inflammation And Belly Fat



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