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7 Natural Remedies for Bad breath

Bad breath remedies

Bad breath (halitosis) is unpleasant and embarrassing, especially when you are talking to someone. It can influence your confidence level. Persistent bad breath can be due to number of reasons like periodontal gum disease or cavity, food particles trapped in the broken filling, sinus condition, smoking, eating odorous food etc. In most cases, bad breath is due to a dirty mouth. Plaque formation that causes bacteria to constantly build up in the moth causes bad breath. The fact is bad breath can be caused due to some health conditions, dietary deficiencies, poor dental hygiene, food habits and tooth decay. To avoid bad breath problem, many people search for quick solutions like chewing mint, gum or using mouth wash. But these things can just mask the problem for an hour or two; they do not address the root cause of the problem. Bad breath remedies can be implemented right at your home using simple measures and ingredients. Here are the 7 best natural remedies for getting rid of bad breath

7 Natural Remedies for Bad breath


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