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7 Methods To Keep Away From The Dry Skin In Winters

Dry Skin In Winters

A skin that has the ability to retain moisture is what we all need. In winters, the skin becomes dry as we hardly feel like drink water and showing care for our skin to the extent it deserves. This makes the skin dry, flaky and even cracks come out. If you want to get rid of such skin, then you should be little active whenever it comes to the skin. You should take care of your diet and also follow the natural methods as given down here.

7 Amazing Methods to Keep Away From Dry Skin in winters.

1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its healing, and hydrating power. Its action of penetrating deep into the skin pores makes it really very effective and must ingredient for a number of facial purposes. Olive oil is filled with the fatty acids and the antioxidants then make it yet beneficial again. Apply olive oil on your skin with a cotton ball and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. In these 15 to 20 minutes, it will work towards softening, moisturizing and relaxing your dry skin. You can wash off your face afterwards. Good if you can leave olive oil applied on your skin for as long as you can but if you don’t have enough time to wait then apply at night before sleeping. This way, you will be able to save time.

 Use Olive Oil

2. Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally

Exfoliating is the best method to get rid of dry and flaky skin. With regular exfoliation, the skin remains free of the dead skin layer, flakiness and excessive dryness. Choose an ideal exfoliating scrub for you. Go for the one that suits your skin types. If you don’t trust the market quality, then you can form your own scrub at home. Make sure that you scrub at least twice every week. This is the best method to have fresh, and clear skin.


3. Glycerin & Milk Cream

Winter has a deep connection with glycerin. That fact that glycerin helps in retaining the moisture into the skin makes it must for pampering skin especially in winters for dry skin. If your skin goes really very dry in winter then prefer adding some milk cream into it. Milk cream only enhances the moisture retaining ability of glycerin thus making it extra beneficial for skin dry skin. Prefer mixing, one teaspoon of glycerin in two teaspoon of milk cream. Mix the two well and apply all over your skin till neck in circular manner. Keep applied for 20 minutes before you finally rinse off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can create a blend of glycerin, lemon juice and some rose water. This is important if you seek more than just preventing dry skin. You can have this remedy if you want your skin to be clear, fair, moisturized with a tinge of pink on your cheeks.

Glycerin & Milk Cream

4. Banana

Banana has more than one benefit. It keeps the skin moisturized and also tightens the skin which is much needed in winters. A skin left without proper care tends to be dry and experiences cracks and flakiness. Such skin also looks aged and loose. Therefore, you need something that can help it retain moisture and also tightens the skin layer. And, what can a remedy better than banana? It has large amount of water content that hydrates the skin from inside and prevent its peeling down or drying out. The richness of nutrients in banana also help in smoothening the skin tone and maintaining its complexion. Just take a ripe banana and mash it well. Apply all over your face till neck and give it 20 minutes to get absorbed into the skin. Alternatively, you can add few teaspoon of plain yoghurt into banana and then apply on your skin in the same manner as the previous application. This remedy is to be used if you want the double action – exfoliation and moisturization.


5. Coconut Oil

In winter, the focus is on preserving the moisture retaining ability of the skin and you can achieve this aim with coconut oil. This inexpensive home remedy is very effective in preserving the moisture into the skin and preventing dry, itchy and scaly skin. The sufficient amount of fatty acids into coconut oil also compensate for the lost moisture. Do apply on your skin at night with a cotton ball and keep applied overnight. Wash your face into the morning with a suitable face wash. Do follow the same routine till the winters gets over.

Coconut Oil

6. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the nature’s wonder in doing miracles to the skin. It repairs a number of skin conditions like spots, marks, pimples and acnes. For dry skin in winters, aloe vera is extremely effective. It has soothing, moisturizing and healing power that never fails to prevent dry skin. With continuous usage of aloe vera, you can maintain plump skin in winters. Slit one aloe vera stem and extract its gel or rub directly on your skin. Keep applied for a minimum of 20 minutes and then you may wash off your face with lukewarm water. With this, your skin will be free of dead skin layer as well.

 Aloe Vera

7. Apply Moisturizer

Although exfoliation is necessary for skin in winters but it is not the only thing that you need to pay attention to. With exfoliation, the skin can be freed of the dead and flaky layer but if you don’t show care to your skin after exfoliation then it can become very dry till spring comes. Therefore after every exfoliation, moisturize your skin as it makes it supple, healthy and moist. Also, this is the best method to repair the dry and the scaly patches on the skin. Go for a moisturizing cream that has humectant property as it retains the moisture into the skin. These are like sorbitol, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. If you are facing difficulty finding one then form your own moisturizer at home with juice from one lemon, ½ cup of mayonnaise and one teaspoon of melted butter. Mix all these and apply on your face. Let’s wait for 20 minutes minimum and then you can get rid of it with clear and lukewarm water. This is very potent in getting rid of the flaky and dry skin.

Apply Moisturizer


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