7 Major Causes That Lead To Severe Headache

Major Causes That Lead To Severe Headache

Headaches are more common than you think. All of us have dealt with, or are dealing with, this painful spasmodic condition that hampers our concentrating power. Long lasting or not, they cause a lot of trouble. However, if you suffer from frequent headaches, their cause can be more deeper and might need medical assistance. Indeed there are ways and medicines to deal with them and keep a bay from them, but for that it is primarily necessary to understand what’s giving you a headache. To help you have a better understanding of this problem, we have listed 7 a major headache causing culprits. Scroll down and have a better look at our list to find out if any of these are giving you troubles.

1. Brain Tumor:

Brain tumors are one of the major headache causing culprits. They follow a specific pattern, depending upon which part of the brain is affected, and also their severity. They usually hit the patient at peak night hours and prolong for about 2 hours and recur again after sometime. They might also begin soon after the patient wakes up, and also upon change in positions like sharply sitting post standing and vice versa. They are usually localized at one specific position, like the middle of the brain if that’s where the tumor is. [1]

2. Insomnia:

Now, if you’re having long and lonely sleepless hours, you are most likely to be hit with severe headache that starts happening each night at almost the same time. However, the worst way to get over with insomnia triggered headache is getting your body tamed to calm down by swallowing sleeping tablets. It will have long time dependency that will further result in stress and lethargy. People who have erratic working hours are hard hit with this kind of headache. And the most beneficial habit to get over with this headache type is getting your tired nerves to calm down. [2]


3. Tension:

This is a no brainer that tension leads to headache. And other than major factors like workload, anxiety, depression and nervous breakdown, arthritis can also fuel tension headache. In other words, any and everything that over excites the brain nerves and expose them to sudden contractions can lead to tension born headaches. [3]


4. Migraine:

Genetic or not, migraine is an outcome of severe, but temporary, swelling of blood vessels. It hits one part of the brain and not the entire brain. Sudden sharp drop or increase in the level of serotonin, pain hormone, formation and secretion causes the nerves to over work the blood vessels that swells them up. [4]


5. SARS:

Severe acute respiratory syndrome abbreviated SARS is a common headache inducer and booster. Being virus induced, it is contagious. It causes the tracheal muscles to contract at unnatural rates. As a result, the blood vessels to the brain dilate. Lesser blood supply in brain makes the brain nerves stiff and tense that fuels sharp headache. [5]


6. Eye Muscle Imbalance:

Characterize it with myopia or hypermetropia, unnatural muscular contraction of the retinal walls lead to sharp headache that initially hits the forehead. But if not taken care of with proper vision correction, it can spread to the entire brain. [6]

 Eye Muscle Imbalance

7. Sinus:

Sinus fuelled headache does not cover the entire brain. Sinuses are categorized on the basis of their location. And only the area around the sinus position gets affected. It occurs right between the space in eyes when it is affects the brain’s temporal lobe, and may stretch all the way to the hindbrain, originating from the eyes, if the occipital brain area is affected. [7]

The 7 listed common headache causes can be taken care of with herbal remedies, alongside getting proper medical attention.


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