7 Major Causes Of Diabetes

Major Causes Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease which means it stays for a lifetime. It is one of the most ancient diseases of mankind and the number of people suffering from diabetes has been increasing exponentially over the years. It is characterised by an increase in blood sugar levels which is called hyperglycaemia. This excessive sugar build-up in our blood is a causative factor for a number of life threatening diseases, some of which are heart and blood vessel disorders like stroke, heart attack etc., others include damage of the eyes, kidney problems, nerve damage etc. Presence of diabetes also slows down the healing of wounds and infections. It is a serious disorder and thus it is essential to keep an eye on the common causative factors of diabetes.

Listed Down Are The 7 Major Causes Of Diabetes:

1. Insulin Resistance:

Our body needs insulin, released by the pancreas, to break down the sugar in our blood and convert it to energy. In some people the insulin released by the pancreas doesn’t perform its function due to a certain resistance developed by the body. In simple terms it means that any amount of insulin in body goes wasted as it is unable to do what it is supposed to. This phenomenon causes a build-up of sugar in our blood ultimately causing diabetes.

Insulin Resistance

2. Obesity:

Being overweight and obese increases the risk of developing diabetes. It damages the blood vessels and could result in blockage of blood vessels. In addition, due to obesity the pancreas is surrounded by fat which affects its ability to release insulin thereby causing diabetes.


3. Hereditary Causes:

Hereditary or genetic factors is one major cause of getting diabetes. So consider if in a family 1 or multiple members suffer from diabetes, the chances of next generation acquiring diabetes is increased in direct proportion. The risk is more if the person is directly related to those suffering from diabetes. Thus extra precautions and care must be taken in case there is a family history of diabetes.

Hereditary Causes

4. History Of Smoking:

Smoking or consumption of tobacco products is one major and common cause of diabetes. Smoking damages your blood vessels as well as it damages multiple organs in the body. This could cause diabetes or increase the risk of getting diabetes.

History Of Smoking

5. Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol:

Alcohol in moderation doesn’t cause any trouble, however excessive consumption of alcohol is a major cause for getting diabetes. Excessive alcohol consumption tends to damage the liver which is an important organ involved in glucose metabolism; it helps in the storage of glucose as glycogen which could be used as a source of energy. Excessive alcohol could damage the liver causing diabetes.

Consumption Of Alcohol

6. Sedentary Lifestyle:

Leading a sedentary life and not performing sufficient physical activity is a major cause of diabetes. Lack of physical activity increases insulin resistance as well as could make one overweight orobese.To stay fit and to prevent developing diabetes it is recommended that you exercise at least 150 minutes throughout the week (i.e. at least 30 min 5 times a week).

Sedentary Lifestyle

7. Gestational Diabetes:

Another major cause of diabetes is gestational diabetes; this means that if the mother during pregnancy has high sugar levels in body or if she is overweight during pregnancy, the child has higher chances of developing diabetes in coming years of his life.

Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes can be very dangerous if not taken care properly. A good guidance of doctor along with exercises and health diet can be of great help.


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