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7 Amazing Home Remedies For Unwanted Hair Removal


Many women suffer from unwanted facial hair growth which is unsightly and embarrassing for them. Facial hair is bothersome for women because a feeling of masculinity is associated with it. Getting rid of facial hair makes a woman feel feminine and confident. Unwanted hair growth often results from hormonal imbalance in women. The level of estrogen determines the hair growth. Many women face this problem during the early stage of menopause when body’s hormone level fluctuates off and on. Unwanted hair growth, particularly on the upper lip, cheeks and chin, is a long time problem and opting for bleaching, waxing and shaving can make it worse. Laser hair removal methods and electrolysis can remove unwanted hair permanently, but they are not only highly expensive but also painful and can cause infection. So before you resort to highly expensive chemical methods, try these effective home remedies, the regular use of which can stop hair growth. Many of the ingredients used are from your kitchen pantry. While most of these home remedies require time and patience for stopping hair growth, yet they are less stressful to your skin than any other hair removal method.

7 Amazing Home Remedies For Unwanted Hair Removal



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