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7 Home Remedies For Bunion Pain Relief

Remedies For Bunion Pain Relief

Bunion or Hallux valgus is a medical problem in which a small sac filled with fluid forms near the bone of our toe. The condition causes a lot of pain and discomfort. The method of walking and a particular style of gait in which there is excessive uneven pressure or weight on the toes are responsible for causing this problem. The big toes grow big in size with a bony bump and the toe sticks out. Tight footwear and high heels also cause bunions. If you wear shoes that are very narrow, it can lead to the problem. Home remedies can help in giving relief in bunions. We will suggest some easy remedies for this.

Following are the 7 home remedies for bunion pain relief.

1. Use Turmeric:

It is possible to get relief from bunion pain by using turmeric. For this, take fresh turmeric and grate it with a vegetable grater. Apply the turmeric on the areas on the foot affected by bunions. Do this remedy two times daily. Turmeric also helps in internal healing of bunion. Consume turmeric spice in foods you eat. It has an anti-inflammatory action that reduces the bunion pain.[1]

Use Turmeric

2. Use Ginger:

Ginger helps in reducing the bunion pain naturally. Consume two to four teaspoons of ginger powder daily to get relief from joint pain in bunions. Research has shown that ginger is very effective for bunions and joint pain. Thus, use ginger daily.[2]

Use Ginger

3. Apply Ice:

Ice therapy reduces the pain of bunions. For this, apply an ice pack on the affected areas of the toes and foot for twenty minutes. Remove the ice for twenty minutes and then reapply the ice pack. Do this for total two hours. It will decrease pain and inflammation. Another way to use ice is to fill ice cubes in a bucket or tub and dip the feet in it. Avoid this if you have a poor circulation problem.[3]

Apply Ice

4. Do Massage:

After you apply ice on the toes for bunions, you can do massage to get relief from pain. Sit on a chair. Place the foot on the knee of the opposite leg. Massage the calf muscles and the area below your knees.[4] Massage the tight areas. Do rotation movement and stretching of the foot to loosen the joints. After this, do massage on the upper part of your feet. Rotate the foot and ankles and massage the bumpy areas. Do massage below the foot and on the heel bone.

Do Massage

5. Use Epsom Salts:

Epsom salts give a lot of relief in bunion pain. Mix the salt in lukewarm water and fill in a bucket or tub. Dip the feet in the Epsom salt solution and soak it well. It will help in decreasing swelling in the feet.[5]

Use Epsom Salts

6. Use Vinegar:

If you have bunion pain along with chronic inflammation, you can use vinegar to heal the problem. For this, mix vinegar with lukewarm water filled in a bucket or tub. Dip the feet in this vinegar solution and soak it well. It will reduce pain and inflammation in the toes.[6]

Use Vinegar

7. Do Foot Exercises:

Foot exercises help in reducing bunion pain. Keep a towel on the floor. Stand above the towel with bare feet without wearing any footwear. Crumple and crush the towel with toe fingers below the feet. Another exercise is to pick up some object like marbles or pen lying on the floor with your toes and lowering them to the floor again. Do a simple toe flexing exercise with stairs or step. For this, stand near the edge of the stair. Practice flexing your toes on the stair edge.[7]

Do Foot Exercises



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