7 Herbal Face Packs For Adding A Natural Glow To Your Skin

Various skin care products are available in the market. Most of these products are rich in chemicals. As a result, our skin is likely to be affected by various issues. Even the products with the label named “herbal” also include synthetic ingredients. We often ignore it after watching “herbal” on its label. Fortunately, we can prepare the most effective herbal face packs at home. Herbal face packs which we prepare at home do not trouble us with side effects. We are preparing it with all natural and fresh ingredients. We do not need to store it with the help of preservatives because we can prepare it whenever we want. That is why homemade herbal face packs are rich in skin-nourishing properties.

Here Are 7 Herbal Face Packs For Adding A Natural Glow To Your Skin

1. Basil Face Pack

Basil is a powerhouse of anti-bacterial properties. These properties help in eliminating various skin issues including acne. Make a powder of dried leaves. Combine it with dried leaves of Indian Lilac. Add some rose water. Few drops of lemon juice also should be added to this pack. Mix it well. Apply this pack after cleansing your skin. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash it with cold water. This pack can be applied for three times in a week for noticing best results in a short span of time.

 Basil Face Pack

2. Aloe Vera Face Pack

Aloe vera is very helpful in soothing your tired skin. This face pack works well in pampering your skin and adding the glow to your skin by removing impurities of your skin. Extract gel from fresh aloe vera leaf. Mix it with one tablespoon each of rosewater and lemon juice. Apply the pack and leave it for thirty minutes. Leave it for some time. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera Face Pack

3. Peppermint Face Pack

Peppermint is a natural resource of skin-friendly compounds. This pack help in making your skin feel fresh and rejuvenating. For preparing this pack, you need to grind fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. Add some rose water and little amount of turmeric. Apply it. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Apply this pack for at least once in a week for revitalizing your skin.


4. Indian Lilac Face Pack

Combine a teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and Indian Lilac powder. Add one teaspoon of rose water. Mix it and apply all over the face. Leave it for twenty minutes. Remove it with normal water. Pat it dry. This pack helps in removing pimples and acne. Regular use of this pack assures you with flawless skin.

Indian Lilac Face Pack

5. Rose Face Pack

Rose petals are rich in skin-repairing properties. Grind fresh leaves of rose petals. Add some milk and honey. Combine it well. Apply the resulted paste all over the face. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Remove the pack with lukewarm water. This pack helps in adding a pinkish glow to your face.

Rose Face Pack

6. Marigold Face Pack

Preparation of this face pack is very easy. All you need to do is to grind the petals of marigold. Mix it with honey and rosewater. Apply it. Leave it for some time. Rinse off with tepid water. Regular usage of this wonderful herbal face pack helps in nourishing your skin.


7. Cilantro Face Pack

Cilantro is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to add moisture and thus helps in softening your skin. Extract the juice from cilantro and combine it with a little turmeric. Apply it all over the face. Leave it for ten minutes. Remove it lukewarm water.

 Cilantro Face Pack



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