7 Fatty Liver Signs Symptoms

Fatty Liver Signs SymptomsFatty liver disease, which is also known as steatosis, is nothing but excessive fat build-up in the liver. Now as we know, liver is one of the most important organs in our body; it helps in processing the food and fats which we eat, once processed it throws the toxins outside the body. So basically liver separates the good and bad from the food and helps in keeping the body healthy by constantly throwing away the unhealthy toxic products. In doing so, the liver itself undergoes damage, wear and tear; however, the liver cells are capable of re-developing and re-building themselves thereby maintaining a normal state. In cases where the fat and toxin levels is extremely high, the liver is unable to rebuild its lost cells and this causes permanent damage which is called as liver cirrhosis; which could ultimately lead to failure. Fatty liver disease is a comparatively less severe stage and is reversible; this means by taking simple steps like eating healthy and avoiding fats and alcohol, the liver can get back to being normal. Therefore, to avoid any permanent damage to the liver it is important to identify the signs and symptoms of fatty liver and take necessary action in time. Mentioned below are the 8 typical signs and symptoms of fatty liver to watch out for.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Typical Signs And Symptoms Of Fatty Liver To Watch Out For.

1. Abdominal Discomfort And Pain

Fatty liver disease happens mainly due to build-up of fat around and inside liver. As a result, the bulk of liver increases as well as the excessive fat could causes inflammation of the liver. This inflamed bulky liver tends to become swollen up. These factors result in a lot of abdominal discomfort as well as pain. This pain and discomfort could become more after having a fatty heavy meal or after consuming alcohol. Some people can also experience excessive nausea and vomiting adding to the abdominal discomfort.
 Abdominal Discomfort And Pain

2. Loss Of Appetite

In case of fatty liver, the liver is affected and damaged; liver being one of the most crucial organ in process of digestion the body’s digestive process is affected and severely hampered. There is loss of appetite and the desire to eat food is diminished. The senses of taste and smell are also affected making it even more difficult to eat food. In such cases it is best to stick to light foods such as fruits and juices which do not add burden on to the liver.
Loss Of Appetite

3. Excessive Weight Loss

As a result of the abdominal pain/ discomfort and due to loss of appetite there is excessive weight loss. In addition, the body is not able to process fats which is again a vital reason for weight loss. In cases where the person in unaware of the condition, this sudden weight loss could come as a shock which might further create confusion and stress.
Excessive Weight Loss

4. Weakness

A patient suffering from fatty liver disease is unable to eat normally. The digestive system and the digestion process is affected. As a result, the body does not receive the required amount of nutrition and energy. This results in excessive weight loss which ultimately causes weakness. For the patient unaware of his condition, as the common thinking he might start eating more to fight the weakness and this could further worsen his condition. Thus it is important to keep an eye on the signs of fatty liver to prevent further damage.

5. Fatigue

In a patient suffering from fatty liver, the fats are not processed thus the body is short of energy. In addition, there is weight loss and vomiting which further adds to the body stress and trauma. These factors multiply when together and causes severe weakness. The body goes under stress and patients starts feeling tired and fatigued all the time. This doesn’t even go away in spite of taking rest.

6. Mental Confusion

Lack of fat, energy and sugar in the body causes severe weakness, weight loss and fatigue. This if left unattended causes mental confusion. The patient isn’t able to concentrate, or take decision. The mind is constantly in a state of confusion and stress. This affects the quality of work as well as the patient’s quality of life.
Mental Confusion

7. Dark patchy skin appearance

In advanced or later stages of fatty liver, the skin starts showing typical discoloration and patchy appearance. In the under arm area as well as under the neck or behind the neck there is appearance of dark patches. This happens as the liver is not able to throw these excessive pigments, which are not required, outside the body and therefore they build up under the skin causing discoloration.

Dark patchy skin appearance


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