Herbal Remedies

7 Best Herbs To Grow At Home


Herbs are the best sources of various benefits provided by nature. Herbs are pure natural that can help to cure wide range of diseases. Use of herbs has increased these days in order to avoid other kinds of medications. They are very safe to use and do not associate other kinds of side effects. They can be easily grown at home as they are very small in size and easily available in the locality.  It takes very less effort to grow and can provide best results.

Following Are Some Of The Best Kinds Of Herbs That Can Be Grow Near The Lawn


Coriander also known as cilantro can be easily grown at home. They are very small in size and are widely used in various types of remedies. They contain minerals and vitamins. It will reduce stress on liver and will help in proper digestion. Grow some of this herb by using coriander seeds in your pot or garden. They can be used in various types of dishes for enhancing the flavor.


Apium Crispum

Apium crispum is an antibacterial herb that can hamper the growth of bacteria in the body. Apium crispum is well known to boost the immunity system of the human body. The anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant property of parsley makes it very popular. Grow these herbs using some its seeds in the garden. It can also be grown in the pots.



Sage is a good kind of herb which will grow up to 20 inch height and can thereby plant in the garden. You can easily plant this herb in the garden and consume it in order to extract its numerous types of benefits. It can be used in dishes or can be directly consumed for best results.



Alhucema are well known flowers that mainly bloom during summer season. It is widely used as herbal medicines to cure health problems. This herb is also used for avoiding mosquitoes and pests at home. Plant some of these herbs with the help of the seeds. It can be easily grown indoors during spring time. The flowers will perfectly come during summer time.


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is very popular variety of herb that is commonly used as herbal remedies to cure health issues. The rich aroma that is present in lemon balm is of high quality and is thus used in preparing effective tea. It is used to reduce infection on the skin and reduce inflammation caused due to infection. Grow some of this herb using its seeds at home for extracting its results.

Lemon Balm

Holy Basil

Basil leaves also known as holy basil are the perfect kind of herbs that has been used since time immemorial. It can be easily find in the garden. Interested people can plant this herb variety without many issues. You can use its seeds or can directly take this plant and grow it in your garden. The leaves of basil plant contain medicinal properties that can cure huge numbers of health problems.


Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt is another best kind of herb that is easily planted in the garden. You can simply use its seeds or can use the rooted cuttings in order to grow it in the pot. This particular herb is very perfect to deal with various types of health problems. It will also avoid the presence of bugs in the garden.



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