6 Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain Relief

Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain Relief

The sciatica nerve begins at the spinal base area and reaches the bottom of the foot passing through the thighs in between. Pain in this nerve causes extreme pain and numbness in all areas through which the nerve passes. It includes the areas of the back, hips, thighs and legs. There is burning, pinching and loss of sensation along with this. The person feels as if pins or needles are pricking on the body. Due to this, there is a problem in standing and walking affecting the body movements and mobility. Yoga gives relief in the sciatica pain. We will suggest some yoga exercises for this problem. Do these exercises daily to get relief from sciatica.

Following Are The 6 Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain Relief:

1. Cows Face Pose:

Cows Face Pose helps in reducing the sciatica pain. Sit on the lower surface either a bed or floor keeping both legs straight in front doing a staff pose. Bend one leg at the knee and cross it over the opposite leg above the thigh. Hold the toe of the folded leg with the hand of the opposite side. Inhale and elongate the spine. Exhale and move the chest towards the knee. Repeat several times.[1]

Cows Face Pose


2. Standing Back Twist Pose:

The Standing Back Twist Pose is good for getting relief from sciatica pain. For this, stand straight with a chair kept in the front. Place the foot of one leg on the seat of the chair. Keep the opposite palm on the knee while keeping the other palm on the hip of the same side.[2] Turn and twist the upper body with the hips in static position. Hold for half a minute and repeat with the opposite side.

Standing Back Twist Pose

3. Locust Pose:

The Locust Pose helps in healing sciatica pain and improving the blood circulation in the hips. Lie down on the bed or floor on the stomach. Keep the hands beside the body. Take a deep breath in and lift both legs upwards. Lift the upper body also in the same way. Do not bend the knees. The body should rest on the floor on the ribs and stomach with the upper body and legs raised upwards. Hold and return to a starting position. Repeat several times.[3]

Locust Pose

4. Pigeon Pose Stretch Variation:

Pigeon Pose Stretch Variation is done with the help of a table. Stand straight and keep a table in front of you. Lift one leg upwards and position it on the table. Rest the folded knee on the surface of the table. Bend forward while doing this. Place the hands on the table for balance. Take a step backward with the leg on the floor. Repeat the pose several times and do it with the opposite side.[4]

Pigeon Pose Stretch Variation

5. Knee Raise:

The Knee Raise is an easy yoga exercise done in a lying position. Lie down on the bed or the floor on the back. Hold the knee of one leg with both hands interlocked below the knee and lift it upwards towards the chest. Pull the knee up with the hands.[5] The opposite leg should be in a straight position. The shoulders should rest on the floor. Do with the opposite side and repeat several times.

Knee Raise

6. Child Pose:

Child Pose helps in reducing nerve pain due to sciatica. Sit down on the floor or the bed on both legs folded from the knee like a kneeling position. Lower both hands downwards in the front and touch the floor with the palms. Thus, the body rests on the lower surface of both knees and hands like child pose. Hold, return and repeat the pose.[6]

Child Pose




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