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6 Ways To Keep Skin Rich And Healthy With The Collagen Diet

Skin Rich And Healthy With The Collagen Diet

We all want skin that even at the 40s looks like in 20s. This can happen if somehow we become capable of eliminating the factor of the ageing. Well, this surely can happen, if more than paying attention to what you should use, you have the knowledge of what you should eat. What we eat decides the future of our skin more than anything. As it has the contents that our skin need, we must know what we should be eating. Don’t worry, it is not too late, you can reshape your skin with the addition of foods that contain these 6 contents into your diet. Start following it from now onwards.

6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy Youthful

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid:

Diet that is rich in omega 3 fatty acid ensures youthfulness, glow, and sheen, and shine, clear and healthy skin. The point is that the omega 3 fatty acid comes into the category of the polyunsatured fat that helps in building the production of collagen and stimulates the tightening of the skin. Few great sources of this are Brazil nuts, tuna, salmon, pecans, almonds, sardines and cashews. With this food, you can ensure that the skin will be tight and free from the effect of the free radicals. So form a diet chart now and make sure that you list these items in one category.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

2. Vitamin E And Vitamin C Rich Diet:

If you love your skin and want to keep it young and youthful forever, then these two vitamins must be there in your diet. It is vitamin c and vitamin e that are the essential vitamins for the skin tightening purpose. As we age, the skin becomes loose but a constant volume of vitamin c into the diet promotes the development and formation of collagen and the elastin fibers that keep the skin healthy and tight with the skin tone maintained. Vitamin e ensures the safety of the skin against any kind of damage from the harmful rays of the sun and the age spots. These two vitamins are wonderful antioxidants that neutralizes the effects of the free radicals thus protecting skin from inside as well as outside and giving a beauty that you would hardly see anywhere. The common sources of these two vitamins are citrus fruits like orange, lemon, strawberries, prunes, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and grapefruit.

Vitamin E And Vitamin C Rich Diet

3. Green Tea Polyphenols:

With ingredients having the miraculous healing property of the nature, green tea is wonderful for skin as well as health. For beauty geeks, green tea is no less than medicine. It has the skin tightening ability that tightens the skin even at the old age. It promotes the production of collagen by helping to preserve a more youthful appearance. Green tea is known to have catechins that hinders the breakdown of the collagen. The antioxidant, polyphenols is also loaded in green tea that help in blessing the skin with glow and shine. Moreover, the polyphenols also possess the anti-inflammatory properties that help to remove the free radicals from the body thus tightening the skin and preventing the upcoming disasters. Do sip it twice every day to enjoy youthful skin.

Green Tea Polyphenols

4. Lycopene:

If suffering from sagging skin or loose skin then you are missing lycopene in your skin. Lycopene commonly found in red peppers, tomatoes, green peppers and beet root helps in boosting collagen and the elastin fibers of the skin. It acts as an antioxidant which further provide help in stimulating the production of collagen and the elastin fibers thus maintain the firmness of the skin. Rather than choosing the market creams that ensure elasticity with chemicals, why should you not go for the natural means to have the firmness and the skin free of the attack of the free radicals? Lycopene also help in fighting the collagenases enzyme that otherwise destroys the collagen in our body and eventually promotes ageing. Now that you know how potent it is, go for it without delay.


5. Sulfur:

Foods that are rich in sulfur are very important for producing collagen into the skin. As sulfur helps in keeping the skin smooth, its tissues health and elastic, it is very important for the overall condition of the skin. With this content into your diet, you can improve your skin texture and get skin that you would not even have dreamt of. Few amazing sources of sulfur are kale, cabbage, garlic, eggs and olives.


6. Foods Rich In Antioxidants:

A diet rich in antioxidant is what you require when your skin is suffering from one or the other disorder. It makes the skin glowing, soft and much younger. An antioxidant rich diet helps in tightening the skin healthy by protecting it from the effects of the free radicals. This grants a natural face lift which is not possible even with the other topical remedies. Few great sources of green tea are leafy green vegetables, nuts, dark berries, etc. This diet also help you in giving a powerful anti-ageing protection.

Foods Rich In Antioxidants



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